ACOM sues the columnists Carlos Núñez and Pablo Jofre for incitement to hatred against the Jewish state and for anti-Semite expressions

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For the association the columnists have propagated and incited to hatred against the citizens of Israel and the Jewish state greatly exceeding their right to freedom of expression and of information. To demonize the citizens of a country and the democratic state that represents them as a whole, accusing them in a generalised way of […]

Podemos fails in its attempt to discriminate against the Jews in Madrid

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Popular Party, Socialist Party and Ciudadanos (liberal party) have rejected in the Autonomous Parliament of Madrid debating an initiative of the political party Podemos (extreme left) that required, among other things, that the Parliament excluded the companies and citizens of the Jewish state from its commercial and social relations. Madrid, 21 December 2018 Action and Communication on […]

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Why should Israel not recognise a Catalan state?

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  Recognising an independent Catalonia would be a serious strategic and political mistake that would harm the relations between Israel and Spain and the EU. The proliferation of failed mini-states in Europe would diminish stability and predictability for Israel’s international relations. With its radicalisation, Catalanism has turned strongly towards an extreme left that is deeply […]

The High Court of Justice of Las Palmas condemns the boycott against Israel

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-The court’s ruling annuls and leaves without effect the boycott against Israel and the companies or individuals who do not oppose the Jewish State approved by the Regional Government of Gran Canaria in 2015. -ACOM sees reaffirmed its legal initiative against the BDS-ELAI discriminatory movement that intends to use the Spanish public institutions to discriminate […]

The courts reject reinstating the anti-Semite boycott in Gijon

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Thanks to the legal actions presented by ACOM the annulment of the boycott of the Gijón City Council against Israel and the Jews is maintained after the legal and social pressure ******** The legal claim of Podemos (extreme left, pro-chavist and pro-iranian) to cancel the annulment of the boycott has been dismissed by the Courts […]

ACOM brings legal action against the City Council of Pamplona for discrimination

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ACOM brings legal action against the City Council of Pamplona for discrimination. The City Council of Pamplona will have to answer in court for promoting discrimination against Israelis and the Spanish Jewish minority. ACOM continues with its successful legal actions to annul the agreements promoted by the radical left in local councils that seek to […]