The cost of activism against Israel for the citizens of Gijon

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The recent publication of a call for subsidies by the City Council of Gijón shows again the fixation of said Council with questionable projects related to the “Palestinian cause” and the laxity with which it donates the taxpayers’ money to it. It would be worthwhile to remind the citizens of Gijón that with these projects […]

Legal blow to the boycott of Israel in Valencia

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  The Court for Contentious Administrative Proceedings No 5 of Valencia has annulled as of 6 July 2017 the boycott of Israel approved by the City Council of Catarroja after the lawsuit presented by ACOM. The Court argues that the content of the declaration “conditions the future exercise of administrative powers, particularly in matters of […]

Boycott resolution nullified by Spanish Court in Galicia

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On March 2016, the City Council of Teo (a town of 18.510 inhabitants, north-west of Spain) passed a decision committing the Council to sign neither any political, commercial, agricultural, educational, cultural, sporting or security agreement or contract with Israeli institutions, companies and organizations, nor with bodies, companies and organizations that are involved, collaborate or in […]

Yair Lapid, Leader of the centrist Opposition in Israel, visits Spain invited by ACOM & NGO Monitor

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Yair Lapid, President of the Yesh Atid party, ex-Minister of Finance and leader of the centrist opposition in the Israeli Parliament, visited Spain last week invited by ACOM and NGO Monitor, with an extensive and fruitful list of institutional visits. The Israeli politician wanted to show his support for the work of ACOM celebrating meetings […]

High Court Appeal Decision against the boycott to Israel!!

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Last Wednesday the High Court of the Spanish region of Madrid rejected the appeal of the Rivas-Vaciamadrid Municipality to overturn the original decision of Court number 4 of Madrid and confirmed its original ruling declaring Rivas-Vaciamadrid City Council agreement to boycott Israel illegal. The proceedings against boycott were filed by Angel Mas, President of ACOM. The […]

REPORT: Casa Árabe, the think tank of spanish public institutions against Israel

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Casa Árabe (Arabic House) is a Spanish public consortium, led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, that operates as a strategic centre in the relations of Spain with the Arab world. The institution is also supported economically by the Autonomous Community of Madrid, the Autonomous Government of Andalusia and the City Councils of […]

Another Legal Blow to BDS in Spain; now, in Barcelona

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On April 27, 2016, Town Hall of Barbera del Valles, a residential town of 35.836 inhabitants near Barcelona, passed a proposal, in a plenary session, for a BDS campaign. Town Hall’s agreement included a pledge not to sign any contract or agreement with any Israeli institution, business or organization until Israel recognizes the right of […]