ACOM shows solidarity with the Chilean Jews

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 ACOM shows solidarity with the Chilean Jews. The illegal campaign of the BDS in Chile intends to copy the model of anti-Semite aggression of the Spanish left. ACOM shows solidarity and supports the Chilean Jews and demands the authorities of all the democratic countries to take measures against those who promote hatred. ****** Against the […]

The boycott against Israel fails in Pamplona

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The boycott against Israel fails in Pamplona The City Council of Pamplona approves an institutional declaration that incites anti-Semite hatred  The BDS intended the adhesion of the City Council of Pamplona to its discriminatory movement ACOM studies legal actions against these declarations that insult the Jewish State   Madrid, 21 June 2018 The City Council […]

Anti-Semite screening in Madrid

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Anti-Semite screening at Circulo de Bellas Artes (the Centre of Fine Arts) The screening of the documentary “Gas the Arabs” is an incitement to the criminalisation of the State of Israel and an exaltation of hatred against Jews. The participation and promotion of this type of material by an institution that is financed with taxpayer’s […]

Triple blow against antisemitic BDS in Spain within a week

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ACOM’s legal siege on discriminatory, judeophobic and philo-jihadist practices with regard to boycott initiatives against the Jewish state and Spanish advocates of Israel is unstoppable in Spain: 24 court rulings, writs, reports by the Prosecutor’s Office and town clerks backing up the nullity of institutional agreements supporting the aforesaid initiatives. 1 On July 26, 2016, […]