The City Council of Cadiz taken to court for its xenophobic discrimination

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ACOM has taken to court the City Council of Cádiz for violating the Constitution and promoting discrimination based on ethnic or national origin. On 12 August 2016 the City Council of Cádiz approved becoming a member of the discriminatory network “city free of the Israeli apartheid” against the Jewish state. This clearly anti-Semite agenda in […]

Legal blow to the boycott of Israel in Valencia

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  The Court for Contentious Administrative Proceedings No 5 of Valencia has annulled as of 6 July 2017 the boycott of Israel approved by the City Council of Catarroja after the lawsuit presented by ACOM. The Court argues that the content of the declaration “conditions the future exercise of administrative powers, particularly in matters of […]

Golpe legal al boicot a Israel en Catarroja

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El Juzgado Contencioso Administrativo nº 5 de Valencia ha anulado con fecha 6 de julio de 2017 el boicot a Israel aprobado por el Ayuntamiento de Catarroja tras demanda interpuesta por ACOM.  El Tribunal esgrime que el contenido de la declaración “condiciona el futuro ejercicio de potestades administrativas, particularmente en materia de contratación”, y “vulnera […]

ACOM presenta recurso legal contra la adhesión de Ayamonte al movimiento discriminatorio antisemita de boicot a Israel

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El pasado 25 de mayo el Pleno del Ayuntamiento de Ayamonte, en la provincia de Huelva, aprobó la adhesión de su municipio a la red discriminatoria “municipio libre del Apartheid Israelí”  contra el estado judío. Esta decisión discriminatoria fue presentada por Recuperemos Ayamonte, partido instrumental de Podemos en la ciudad, y salió aprobada con el […]

The city council of Gijón, flagship of the boycott against Israel in Spain, repeals its discriminatory agreement

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**The BDS movement in Spain continues to be exposed as illegal, illegitimate, anti-Semite and terrorist supporter.** **ACOM’s political and legal initiative results in the end of the boycott against Israel and of the adhesion to the BDS discriminatory movement by the city council of Gijón.** **Our action towards safeguarding fundamental rights began more than a […]

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Spain’s ruling party, Partido Popular, explicitly rejects BDS in its National Assembly

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The Partido Popular (People’s Party, PP) has approved amendments which make explicit and direct rejection of BDS part of its principles. This was decided by rank-and-file members in its 18th Ordinary Congress, the party’s official decision-making body according to its own statutes. PP is the ruling party in Spain. At this meeting, there was full […]

ACOM supports judicial initiatives against BDS leaders in the Matisyahu boycott that could result in prison terms

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We are happy to share the news about the judicial initiative by Spain’s Legal Committee Against Antisemitism and Discrimination, that obtained from a Valencia Court the acceptance to proceed in the criminal case again nine leaders of the BDS gang in the regions of Valencia and Catalonia. Those gang members were directly responsible for the […]

Boycott resolution nullified by Court in Madrid

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On late May 2016, the City Council of Rivas Vaciamadrid —a town of 80,483 inhabitants, and a traditional trove of Communist support in Madrid— passed a decision committing the Council to sign neither any political, commercial, agricultural, educational, cultural, sporting or security agreement or contract with Israeli institutions, companies and organizations, nor with bodies, companies and […]