The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs avoids the issue faced with the evidence of hostility against Israel

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A few weeks ago ACOM sent a formal letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alfonso Dastis, in which we detailed hostile activities against Israel carried out by his ministry. These initiatives included the financing of projects of Spanish associations that seek the destruction of the Jewish State and that at the same time are […]

High Court Appeal Decision against the boycott to Israel

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Last Thursday the High Court of the Spanish region of Asturias rejected the appeal of the Langreo Municipality to overturn the original decision of Court number 4 of Oviedo and confirmed its original ruling declaring Langreo City Council agreement to boycott Israel illegal. The High Court upholds that the city council lacks competencies to decree […]

Fighting Antisemitic libels and the outrageous support for al-Assad & Hezbollah

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ACOM, -the reference pro Israel Public diplomacy organization in Spain– we condemn the anti-Semitic libels published by Unidos Podemos and widely disseminated on their networks. We also condemn IU-Podemos elected officials displays of support and friendship with terrorists and genocidal maniacs such as Hezbollah and Bashar Assad. Unidos Podemos spreads a message of hatred against […]