ACOM brings legal action against the City Council of Ayamonte (Andalusia)

On may 25th the plenary session of the City Council of Ayamonte (20.000 inhabitants, in the south of Spain), passed a decision that engaged the city in the boycott campaign against Israel.

This decision was promoted by Recuperemos Ayamonte, the local franchise of Podemos party (radical left) in the city, and passed with the votes of the Socialist Party and IU (Communist party), in spite of the fact they were warned about the illegality of the resolution by the city clerk. Popular Party (centre-conservative) and PA (regionalist party), voted against the resolution.

Today ACOM has brought legal action before the Courts to redress this wrong. Israel and freedom are under siege in Spain, subjected to a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same objective: international ostracism, and the exclusion of free speech from political discourse, evincing a design to reduce Israel to absolute isolation, slandered and defamed for defending its citizens. That is why ACOM has sought legal remedy by filing legal actions against 60 boycott decisions passed by Spanish cities.

Actually, 5 towns have already voluntarily repealed their boycott agreements after our legal actions, plus 11 motions repealed by the Courts, and 2 more are suspended pending judgement. This same BDS movement is being investigated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office on its own initiative through its specialised section on Hate and Discrimination, and 9 of the people in charge of the BDS in Spain are being criminally prosecuted for the harassment and intimidation of the American Jewish artist Matisyahu, also perpetrated by the same band that promoted these illegal initiatives.