ACOM shows solidarity with the Chilean Jews

  •  ACOM shows solidarity with the Chilean Jews.
  • The illegal campaign of the BDS in Chile intends to copy the model of anti-Semite aggression of the Spanish left.
  • ACOM shows solidarity and supports the Chilean Jews and demands the authorities of all the democratic countries to take measures against those who promote hatred.


Against the decree approved last June in the municipality of Valdivia (Chile), proposed by the Mayor of Palestinian origin Omar Sabat Guzmán and instigated by the anti-Semite radical group BDS Chile, ACOM shows its solidarity and total support to the Chilean Jewish community.

The BDS Chile group intends to copy the illegal campaign that said anti-Semite movement is developing in Spain, using its position in the public institutions to pervert them and use them as tools in their favour for spreading hatred against Jews and demonising the State of Israel.

Fortunately, in democratic countries such as Spain and Chile the Rule of Law protects its citizens against the misdeeds of this type of xenophobic radical groups that intend to use the public institutions to promote anti-Semitism. With this type of actions all they do is create tension in society and look for confrontation by spreading lies and slanders about the social and historical reality of the Jews and their only state.

This is why ACOM shows its most sincere solidarity with the Chilean Jews and with those of any other place in the world who are attacked by this type of anti-Semite groups and in many cases even anti-system groups who look for the destruction of the most basic values of Western democracies.