ACOM sues the defamers after the death of the Attorney General

ACOM will be taking to court the persons in charge of Red Adler after they published defamatory content in their web page.

This network published that the Spanish Attorney General, José Manuel Maza, died «after being poisoned with a version of the Shiga toxin altered in a laboratory by Zionist agents, possibly related to the Mossad”.

The persons in charge of Red Adler define themselves as “a civil network with a discrete character, united with other similar networks around the world”, and they hide their identity for “safety reasons”. Despite this, their misrepresentation and manipulation will not go unpunished behind their anonymity. In any case, the damage they have caused with their unfounded rumours and falsehoods has been echoed by media such as Alerta Digital, where an ex-member of the public prosecutor’s office, without any evidence whatsoever, fuelled these unfounded and unjustified accusations.

ACOM (Acción y Comunicación sobre Oriente Medio – Action and Communication on the Middle East), as a civil organisation of reference in Spain of friendship with Israel, will continue to fight strongly against those who, with boycotts and lies, target the Jews and their state, a friendly democracy with strong bonds to our country. The Jew-hating vocation of those who intend to make the state of Israel disappear will have a firm response in our trust in the Spanish Constitution and the legal initiatives in our courts of law.