ACOM supports judicial initiatives against BDS leaders in the Matisyahu boycott that could result in prison terms

We are happy to share the news about the judicial initiative by Spain’s Legal Committee Against Antisemitism and Discrimination, that obtained from a Valencia Court the acceptance to proceed in the criminal case again nine leaders of the BDS gang in the regions of Valencia and Catalonia. Those gang members were directly responsible for the bullying, threats and violence exercised in the boycott against the singer Matisyahu in the summer of 2015

Through the last years, ACOM has denounced the anti Semitic thuggery of the BDS, its genocidal objectives, its fraudulent narrative and its despicable means, no matter how much its activists try to disguise them as a legitimate criticism of Israel.

The campaign orquestrated in those days in 2015 against the singer, only for being Jewish and for his rejection to be singled out and criminalised, and the violent mob that tied to intimidate him and cancel the concert, exposed the BDS group for what it is: sectarian, extremist and an obstacle to democratic, civic coexistence.

At ACOM we know that because we were there, at the concert, confronting the sectarians and supporting Matisyahu.

BDS strategy for Spain was shortly confirmed when in the fall of 2015 the movement, supported by Podemos political group, initiated a campaign for Spanish town-halls and provincial governments to officially join the boycott campaign and declare their territories off-limits to any Israel supporter and, in effect, judenfrei.

Some of those town-halls accepted joining the campaign out of ignorance, as it was presented as a Human Rights-driven effort. Other conceded to the mafia-like pressure exercised by militants like those sitting in the dock today. And other cities joined the anti-Jewish boycott because, unfortunately, they are governed by groups that agree with and support the perverse BDS ideology.

ACOM legal efforts, coordinated with other pro-Israel groups and Jewish communities, has obtained so far the annulment of 13 such boycott declarations (Santiago de Compostela, Rivas Vaciamadrid, Santa Eulalia, Velez-Málaga, Campezo, Langreo, Avilés, Sant Quirze, Olesa de Montserrat, Sant Sadurnì d´anoia, Bunyol, Xeraco and Tavernes de la Valldigna). Our actions also brought judicial injunctions to stop the boycott application in 4 additional cities (Sant Adrià, Barberà del Vallès, Petrer and Benlloch). And through political actions we have prevent many other cities from joining the initiative.

ACOM continues with its fight to redress these unacceptable situations. Currently we have other 17 open cases in Spanish courts. At ACOM we see the Comité Legal initiative against the promoters and inciters as a natural next step: the allocation of personal responsibilities and the final identification of BDS leaders as criminals.

We hope that the end of impunity will bring real deterrence, resulting in a turning point for the parties and local administrations in Spain that still support politically and economically, with lavish public subsidies, the activities of those groups.

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