ACOM takes legal action against the City Council of Molins de Rei

  • ACOM takes legal action against the City Council of Molins de Rei
  • The City Council approved in 2013 a motion of adherence to the BDS discriminatory movement.
  • This week the City Council put into practice its resolution of anti-Semite boycott against Israel, preventing the celebration of the match that had to take place in its premises between the female water polo teams of Israel and Spain.
  • ACOM takes legal action again to denounce those responsible for the attempts of unconstitutional discrimination against the only Jewish state in the world and its citizens.

Barely a month after the election of the Catalonian nationalist Joan Ramon Casals as Mayor of the City Council of Molins the Rei (26000 inhabitants, in the province of Barcelona) in April 2013, the City Council approved an agreement of adherence to the BDS anti-Semite movement, whose objective is the exclusion of any Israeli presence or interest from those towns that accept to form part of their campaign of hatred. Molins de Rei is ruled by Puigdemont´s party, with the support of ERC and CUP, both political separatist parties too.

Only this week, seizing the occasion to execute the discriminatory effects that said agreement promoted, the City Council of Mayor Casals has put them into practice. We are referring to the cancellation of the official match of the Female Water Polo European League between the national teams of Israel and Spain, and that should have taken place in the municipal sports premises.

The fact is that the cancellation was the result of the calls to boycott promoted by the CUP, an anti-system separatist party and the third largest municipal political group in the City Council. There is no record of expressions of rejection or resistance by the Mayor Casals or his government team against the initiatives of coercion and harassment against the Israeli team in their visit to Molins de Rei and until the boycott was successful, when a new location had to be found with haste.

ACOM, reference group of the Spanish civil society that fights against the anti-Semite discrimination and the harassment of Israel and its citizens in our country, is committed to not leaving these actions and their illegality remain unanswered, in this case with a legal action to annul said institutional motion. To extol the destruction of the state of Israel and to limit the civil and economic rights of its citizens, companies and friends attacks the fundamental values reflected in our Constitution.

The Spanish courts of justice have already ruled on the illegality and unconstitutional nature of the BDS campaign. ACOM, the main denouncer of the discourse of hatred and/or discrimination for reasons of ethnicity or nationality that promotes this movement has achieved that 36 agreements have been annulled in court or by the City Councils to date. All of them have insisted on the unconstitutional nature and illegality of these exclusive measures that infringe on the common framework of coexistence.