ACOM wins against the attempt of intimidation of the lawyer Gonzalo Boye

ACOM wins against the attempt of intimidation of the lawyer Gonzalo Boye
The legal action presented by the Committee of Solidarity with the Arab Cause (CSCA) against the President of ACOM Angel Mas was dismissed because none of the facts described justified the commission of the denounced offence.
The lawyer for the accusation, Gonzalo Boye, failed in his attempt to shut down the fight against the anti-Semite movement BDS in Spain.


In October 2017 the Committee of Solidarity with the Arab Cause (CSCA) presented a legal action against the President of ACOM Angel Mas for an offence of incitement to hatred and against ACOM for illegal organisation.

The action was dismissed in first instance on 3 October 2018 by the Local Court number 7 of Madrid and definitively dismissed by section 1 of the Provincial Court of Madrid on 14 December 2018 after the appeal of the prosecution.

The CSCA had the lawyer Gonzalo Boye and his team as prosecutors and aspired to a sentence that could have meant up to four years of prison for Ángel Mas and the banning of the organisation that is fighting most successfully against anti-Semitism in Spain.

The CSCA is a radical organisation originated in the Spanish region of Asturias that survives thanks to the subsidies of public institutions and city councils. With them it finances, with the excuse of solidarity, projects that seek to discriminate against Jews, incite hatred and even glorify terrorism.

Boye is known for having been sentenced for collaborating with basque terrorist organization ETA in the kidnapping of Emiliano Revilla. He was and is a lawyer of drug dealers and terrorists and is a key figure in the legal harassment against Israel, with links to radical Palestinian groups. In the last months his name came up for participating in the legal charade of the fugitive Carles Puigdemont.

The underlying strategy of the legal action of Boye was not only to deactivate the resistance of ACOM to the attacks against Jews by BDS groups that sympathise with Podemos, but also it intended to:

– criminalise the mere existence of Israel as a state and thus anyone who supports it;

– confuse the legal defence against anti-Semite discrimination with a supposed intimidation by the victims of discrimination themselves;

– compare the criticism of the anti-Semitism of the BDS groups and the glorification of terrorism by Palestinian institutions and authorities with the incitement of hatred towards all Palestinians.

This attack on ACOM is a clear reprisal for its success in fighting the BDS movement in the courts, where it has won thirty six cases, without losing a single one, against the discriminatory motions towards Israel and the Jews that that Podemos (radical left) movement has promoted in city councils, insular govern, provincial institutions and Spanish regions.