The “Partido popular” urges the spanish parliament to defund organizations that promote anti-semitism, including bds

The Madrid parliamentary group of Partido Popular (PP, center-right), in control of the Madrid regional government in coalition with centrist Ciudadanos party, has presented a proposal to urge the Spanish Parliament to force the public defunding of organizations that promote anti-Semitic hatred, as defined by IHRA. The initiative, promoted by Madrid regional President Isabel Díaz […]

ACOM begins legal actions against anti-Semitic discourse and Holocaust trivialising publications

ACOM’S legal team takes legal action against anti-Semitic statements from a spokesperson of the event organised by the extreme right wing organisation Juventud Patriota de Madrid (Patriotic Youth of Madrid) last 13 February at the La Almudena cemetery in Madrid for clear incitement to anti-Semitism. At the same time, we announce that we are taking […]

Another legal ruling against BDS-ELAI: 77 annulled agreements already

The Contentious Administrative Court number 2 of Córdoba has annulled the boycott against Israel approved by the City Hall of Montoro (Córdoba). The Court points out that the declarations of Space Free From Israeli Apartheid and the adherence to the BDS campaign violate the basic principles of the Spanish Constitution and other legal bodies. Thanks […]

Legal blow of the Higher Court of Justice of Andalusia (SPAIN) against BDS

The Higher Court of Justice rejects the appeal of the City Council of Cádiz against the sentence that annulled their boycott against Israel. On 12 August 2016 the City Council of Cadiz approved the adherence of their town to the discriminatory network “Town free of Israeli Apartheid” against the Jewish state. As part of the […]

Double legal blow in Spain against BDS

More sentences in Spain against the anti-Semite campaign of several towns against the Jewish state. Thanks to the legal initiative of ACOM, 74 BDS institutional agreements have been judicially annulled or by the Local and/or Public Administrations themselves. The Contentious Administrative Court number 2 of Santander (north of Spain) has declared illegal the adherence of […]

OPEN LETTER: IHRA definition of antisemitism, turning words into action

Dear friends, As you well know, on 22 July 2020 the Minister of the Presidency and First Vice-president of the Spanish Government, Mrs Carmen Calvo, announced the government’s decision to support the working definition of anti-Semitism of the IHRA. The IHRA declaration points out that any show of generalised hatred or delegitimisation against Israel or […]

The fight of Spanish government against antisemitism: sincere commitment, imposture, or fraud?

Was the endorsement of IHRA by Spain a mere scrap of paper? Our worries are more than reasonable. The announcement of the Government of Spain On 22 July 2020 the Minister of the Presidency and First Vice President, Mrs Carmen Calvo, announced the decision of the Government of Spain of endorsing the working definition of […]

Spanish Public University starts program that advocates discrimination and antisemitism

Between 9 September and 7 October the Public University of Navarra, the second biggest university in the Region of Navarra, will give a course on political propaganda (1) masked as an another alternative in the cycle of summer courses of the university. The event is organised by the university itself and coordinated by the radical […]

‘UN Focal Point’ to monitor antisemitism: the insistence of Moratinos in occupying a position for which he is INCAPACITATED

On 30 July the news of the supposed appointment of Miguel Ángel Moratinos as the person responsible for the fight against anti-Semitism in the United Nations immediately produced reactions of astonishment and rejection. Among them, the reaction of ACOM, as a reference organization in Spain in the fight against anti-Semitism, and thus, fully aware of […]

STATEMENT: about the possible appointment of Moratinos as the UN person in charge to monitor antisemitism

A few hours ago different agencies and leading Israeli press media informed about the appointment (1) of Miguel Ángel Moratinos as UN Commissioner for the fight against antisemitism. It is necessary to remember that as a member of the Spanish Government of President Zapatero he was permanently hostile to the Jewish State and was in […]

New BDS agreement annulled by the Spanish courts

• The Contentious Administrative Court number 2 of Cadiz has annulled the boycott against Israel approved by the City Hall of Medina Sidonia. • The Court indicated that “the content of the agreement goes beyond intentions or a political statement and has a dimension aimed at adopting measures”. • Thanks to the legal initiative of […]

ANNOUNCEMENT: on the statement of the Vice Presidency of the Spanish Government on the definition of anti-Semitism by IHRA

ACOM congratulates the Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo, for her statement expressing her wish that Spain adopts the definition of anti-Semitism by IHRA. We hope that this intention translates as soon as possible into a formal adoption of this definition by the Government, and event in a vote in Parliament proposed by the […]

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