ACOM’s legal actions against anti-Semitic discrimination in the Faculty of Politics of the Complutense University

The Students assembly has declared the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology of the Complutense University (the biggest attendance-based University in Spain) as a “Space Free of Israeli Apartheid (ELAI)”. It has also joined the BDS campaign (“Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel”). This type of discriminatory resolutions has already received a forceful judicial response […]

STATEMENT: on antisemitic resolution in Barcelona

The Ombudsman of Barcelona, a municipal single-person authority, has issued a resolution full of falsehoods about the State of Israel. The resolution responds to a complaint from a representative of the entities Coalició Prou Complicitat amb Israel (“Enough Complicity with Israel Coalition”, the name says it all) and Siding with the promoters of the […]

The City Hall of Barcelona and the Regional Government of Catalonia against Israel

Recently, a manifesto full of lies and defaming clichés against Israel has been put into circulation. Promoted by the City Hall of Barcelona, the campaign has the support of entities that depend on the government of Catalonia and 108 organisations, including trade unions and political parties. This serious initiative joins a resolution of the Foreign […]

Holocaust trivialisation and slander against the Jewish people in the Spanish Parliament: the conference that Podemos is planning

The Secretary General of the Spanish Communist Party, Enrique Santiago, and the deputy spokesperson of Podemos (extreme left) in the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Spanish parliament, Lucía Muñoz, prepare a demonstration of hatred and disdain against Jews in Parliament. Public link of the event: The event organised by Unidas Podemos (which hypocritically bears […]

ANNOUNCEMENT: in response to the declaration of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Last week the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Spain, Germany, France, and Italy made a joint statement that alarms us for being extemporaneous and unjust. It seems as if once more Israel is used to divert our attention from our serious domestic problems, identifying guilty parts of foreign conflicts from the most pitiful simplification. It […]

The Higher Court of Justice of Andalusia extends sentence of the boycott against Israel

– The Higher Court of Justice of Andalusia accepts the appeal presented by ACOM and extends condemning elements against the sentence that previously annulled the agreement of boycott against Israel. – The sentence of the Higher Court of Justice of Andalusia accepts the appeal presented by ACOM in which we requested the extension of the […]

The fight against antisemitism advances in the Spanish parliament

In ACOM we wish to express our satisfaction for the enormous step taken in the fight against antisemitism yesterday, Tuesday, in the Spanish Parliament by taking into consideration for its definitive proceeding the proposal of the Assembly of the Autonomous Region of Madrid, after a text proposed by the Popular Group (centre-right) in the Assembly, […]

Historic sentence of the Supreme Court against the boycott of Israel

The Supreme Court rules ilegal public institutions adherence to the BDS campaign and the public promotion of discriminatory boycott initiatives against Israel. The sentence creates jurisprudence, so the BDS antisemitic harassment campaign and its initiatives to create “ELAI” (“Israeli Apartheid Free Zones”) spaces where Israelis and Jews were discriminated against in Spain have been outlawed. […]

Hatred and discrimination in Spanish University

The University of Santiago de Compostela promotes discrimination and antisemitism From 6 to 8 September the University of Santiago de Compostela will give a course of political propaganda (1) masked as another alternative in the cycle of summer courses of the university. The act is cofinanced by the Araguaney-Puente de Culturas Foundation and the City […]

The Catalonian Parliament against Israel

Yesterday, the regional Parliament of Catalonia in Spain approved an incredibly aggressive and hostile declaration deligitimizing and criminalising Israel. The initiative of the left wing separatist Catalan parties was approved thanks to the support of the Socialist and Podemos parties, who form the national leftist governing coalition in Spain under Prime Minister Sanchez. For denouncing […]

Legal blow to the discriminatory boycott against Israel in Catalonia

New setback of the High Court of Justice of Catalonia to the boycott against Israel Approved the contentious-administrative appeal presented against the agreement of boycott of Israel adopted by the City Hall of Tarrasa. On 30 October 2014 the Spokespersons Committee of the City Hall of Terrasa approved the adherence of said town to the […]

Statement: on MEP Manuel Pineda

>>>>>>> CLICK HERE TO READ/DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT ON PINEDA AND HIS CLOSE RELATION WITH TERRORISM <<<<<<< As if it was not embarrassing enough for the European Parliament to count Manuel Pineda (aka Manu Abu Carlos), an open apologist of terrorists and murderers of Israelis and Jews, as one of its members, the President of the […]

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