A call from ACOM to the Spanish Jewish leaders: we must not allow the government of Sánchez to whitewash itself during the coming commemoration events of the Holocaust

Once again, like every year, next 27 January we commemorate the International Holocaust Remembrance Day and, consequently, an institutional act will take place in the Senate that is normally attended by members of the Government and representatives of the Jewish Communities in Spain, as well as by prominent members of Jewish life in our country.

But this year it is not just any commemoration: Israel, the Jewish State, where half of the world’s Jews live, is at war against those who seek to execute a second Holocaust.

And, as in the first one, we are witnessing with astonishment these past two months the justification, collusion, denial, and the calls for the extermination and hatred against Jews. We thought that that dark world was left behind, but again it shows its poisonous reality to us. And what is worse, in Spain it has all been shamelessly protected, when not led, by the nation’s government, the most antisemite, the closest to the terrorists in all the West.

After the serious events that have occurred these past few weeks in Spain in relation to Israel, in ACOM we think it inconceivable that the representatives of the Jewish communities of our country accept to whitewash this government by attending any event in which take part the ministers and members of parliament of Pedro Sánchez.

Any appearance of collusion and legitimisation of a government that declares to have doubts that Israel is abiding by international law, that takes part in demonstrations where there are chants about eliminating the Jewish national home, with a president who questions whether Israel’s soldiers, the soldiers of a people’s army where fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters serve, are committing war crimes, is totally unacceptable. It would be inconceivable to give this government the opportunity to whitewash itself while it calls “genocidal” (without anyone disavowing them) those who are risking their lives to defend the citizens of Israel against terrorism, against terrible rapes, and who are trying to liberate the Israelis who are still kidnapped, trying to minimise Palestinian civilian casualties (exactly the opposite of their enemies, who use Gazans as human shields) It would be incomprehensible to do so after the President of Spain went to Israel to provoke and insult, while the Israeli ambassador has been recalled and the Spanish ambassador was seriously reprimanded by the Israeli government.

It is the time (if not now, when?) to say enough is enough. We do not consent to being treated as second-class citizens; we condemn your incitement of hatred against the Israelis in Spain and against Spanish Jews with your serious accusations, unfounded and without any kind of evidence against those who defend all of us against jihadism.

The leaders of the Jewish communities have the occasion to respond firmly to those who contribute to the increase of antisemitism, to send a powerful message of closeness and solidarity with the Jews of Israel and the rest who are in the diaspora, to show the rejection that those whom they represent massively expect, announcing that THEY WILL NOT ATTEND ANY COMMEMORATIVE ACT in memory of the Jews murdered 70 years ago together with those who tarnish the memory of the 1,200 massacred on 7 October, including two Spanish citizens. That would be the way to show the due respect to the almost 140 who are still kidnapped and who must be liberated immediately, and the consideration to those who still fall every day in the war against Hamas.