A High Court of Justice in Spain extends the sentence against the boycott of Israel

– The ruling, a decision on the appeal of ACOM, extends the clauses annulled in the ruling in first instance, which already leaved without effect the boycott against Israel and the companies or individuals who did not oppose the Jewish State that the City Hall of Reinosa approved in 2016.

– This is a reaffirmation of ACOM’s legal initiative against the BDS-ELAI discriminatory movement that intends to use the Spanish public institutions to discriminate against the Jewish people and all who relate with it.

– This is the fifth decision of a Spanish Higher Court of Justice confirming prior rulings against the BDS-ELAI after the judicial initiative of ACOM. The two appeals presented by ACOM have been successful.

– The proponents of the motion, with a wide history of access to subsidies, and with dark links with radical organizations, have seen how their appeal, directed to reverting the sentence condemning the boycott, has completely failed.

Madrid, 17 July 2020

The Higher Court of Justice of Cantabria, on 19 June with ruling number 209/2020, has accepted the appeal presented by ACOM in which we requested the total nullity of the agreement of boycott against Israel subscribed by the city hall of Reinosa.

Our appeal was against the ruling of the Contentious Administrative Court Number 3 of Santander on 28 November 2019, which accepted partially the appeal, annulling points 4 and 5 of the Agreement of 7 July 2016 of the plenary session of the City Hall of Reinosa. But in ACOM we intended with this appeal to the Higher Court of Justice (despite a favourable ruling that condemned any type of boycott against Israel) that other points of the motion, like the adherence to the network of “Spaces free of Israeli Apartheid” or the collaboration with the BDS discriminatory campaign, were also declared contrary to the law.

Now the Higher Court of Justice of Cantabria extends the nullity of the totality of the agreement of 7 July 2016 of the plenary session of the City Hall of Reinosa (1). The motion was proposed by Podemos (Hard Left), and seconded by PSOE (socialist party) and the Regional Party of Cantabria.

Among the clauses that the agreement, now completely annulled, included was the collaboration of the city hall with the discriminators through the Comité de Solidaridad con la Causa Árabe (Committee of Solidarity with the Arab Cause) (2). We should point out that this organization was the one that failed in its legal attack against ACOM and its President. In its legal failure said association used as an attorney Gonzalo Boye, a known lawyer of drug dealers and separatists and condemned for collaboration with the terrorist group ETA.


But the appeal of ACOM requesting the total annulment of the agreement was not the only one presented against the original ruling: in the opposite sense, the association Interpueblos presented its appeal searching to keep in force the discriminatory agreement of the city hall of Reinosa. Logically, they have failed.

Interpueblos is a member of RESCOP, a network of organizations and groups with no legal registration that subscribe to and support in Spain the BDS anti-Semite campaign. It is an association with frequent access to public resources (the Government of Cantabria through its Office of Institutional Relations, city hall of Torrelavega, city hall of Camargo, city hall of Santoña, Social Work of Caja Cantabria, etc.), working together with organizations such as Poder Poular Ciudad de La Habana, under the strict control of the Castroist dictatorship, or UHWC (3), linked to Palestinian terrorism.

The Spanish courts of justice have already ruled on the illegality and unconstitutional nature of the BDS campaign. Thanks to the legal initiative of ACOM, the main denouncer of the discourse of hatred and/or discrimination for ethnic or national reasons promoted by this movement in Spain, 70 agreements have been annulled (4) to date. All these rulings have insisted on the unconstitutional nature and illegality of these exclusive measures that violate the framework of peaceful coexistence.


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