About Roger Waters’ concert in Barcelona

We reproduce a letter sent to the Councillor for Culture of the Barcelona city hall regarding the planned concert of Roger Waters in the Palau Sant Jordi:

“Dear Mr Martí,

The coming 21 March former Pink Floyd member singer Roger Waters will be performing at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, a venue that is public property:


Waters has a long history of abject antisemitic statements and he uses his concerts as platforms to spread his most violent messages of hatred:

As a result, many parties involved in them, often without being aware of his history, have urgently rectified. Most recently, last week in Frankfurt:

In reality, this becomes imperative when any of the parties that facilitate these exhibitions of hatred aimed at the Jews is a public institution.

This is why we demand that the City Hall of Barcelona, as the institution responsible for the Palau Sant Jordi, prevent its use for these purposes:

We insist that the measure we demand in no way is an attempt of cancellation. Firstly, because we do not try to silence an artist for his personal opinions. We try to prevent the commission of a crime, announced and foreseeable, using everybody’s premises. Secondly, Waters himself announces that he intends to make all those who attend accomplices of his crimes, and insists that those who do not agree with his opinions should feel excluded from the concert:

Yours sincerely

Angel Mas


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