About the adherence of the City Hall of Barcelona to the definition of antisemitism of IHRA

In ACOM we welcome the adoption of the definition of antisemitism of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) by the City Hall of Barcelona. This is the internationally accepted definition, which unmasks those who, with the excuse of mere “antizionism”, commit acts of the most rancid antisemitism.

Accustomed as we are these last years to empty gestures and trickery regarding the prevention of hatred against Jews by the left and separatism, we can only demand that the adherence of Barcelona to IHRA’s definition of antisemitism has an immediate, tangible, and substantial effect. If not, it will just be another show of hypocrisy.

Forgive our scepticism, but we are talking about the City Hall that was the first to join the BDS antisemitic discriminatory movement, broke the twinning with the city of Tel Aviv, while maintaining the one with Gaza, and, after revoking those decisions of the infamous time of Mrs Colau (with a legal case pending opened by ACOM), the Mayor Mr Collboni has imposed them again (for which he has been sued again by ACOM, a case still open). And he did it right after the worst massacre against Jews since the Holocaust. We are talking about a City Hall that has been financing the discrimination of the collective Jews represented by the State of Israel, its government, its institutions, and its citizens.

The deficit of credibility of the City Hall of Barcelona can only be removed with immediate, tangible measures:

– Cease support and financing of activities and organisations that according to this definition have antisemitic behaviours or defend antisemitic positions.

– Cease the criminalisation of the Jewish identity and the negation of the capacity for national self-determination of only one people: the Jewish people, and the negation of their legitimacy, among all the states of the world, only one: the ancient Jewish people in their ancestral home; which also, unlike the rest of their neighbouring states that are the result of colonial handouts and invented collective identities, is democratic and respects the rule of law.

– Cease the grotesque comparisons that, from the City Hall, the leftist and separatist political parties permanently make between the Holocaust and any political measure that Israel adopts in its fight for its mere existence. The trivialisation of the Holocaust is a form of negating and denigrating its victims, as are the libels that accuse Israel of genocide and Apartheid.

– Cease immediately the financing of activities and organisations related to the BDS and all the framework of parasitic associations of municipal public money that actively spread, always in collaboration with the City Hall, those ideas of exclusion and discrimination against Jews. Soon we will enclose a list of examples.

And again excuse our scepticism, but all these organisations orbit precisely around the parties that make up the majority of the City Hall of Mayor Collboni.