About the restoring of relations between Barcelona and the State of Israel

At ACOM we celebrate that Barcelona resumes the twinning with the Israeli city of Tel Aviv after its mayor, Mr Jaume Collboni, has signed a city council decree that annuls the measures promoted by the previous mayor Mrs Ada Colau.

Said libellous measures included the suspension of relations of the city of Barcelona with the State of Israel. In any case, this decision of the current City Hall of Barcelona should not be an isolated event, but the first of many more actions to remedy all the hostility that the political groups PSC (Socialist Party), Junts, ERC and CUP (separatist parties), and Podemos (hard left close to separatism) have promoted all these past years with innumerable manifestations of hatred and discrimination against Jews and their safe national home: Israel.

Gestures only have value if they are followed by facts. So the City Hall of Barcelona must suspend immediately any subsidy for organizations that promote antisemitic activities in Barcelona.