ACOM begins legal actions against anti-Semitic discourse and Holocaust trivialising publications

ACOM’S legal team takes legal action against anti-Semitic statements from a spokesperson of the event organised by the extreme right wing organisation Juventud Patriota de Madrid (Patriotic Youth of Madrid) last 13 February at the La Almudena cemetery in Madrid for clear incitement to anti-Semitism.

At the same time, we announce that we are taking legal action against the Holocaust trivialising content published these past days on social media by Twitter users close to the left and to catalonian independentism.


“It is our supreme duty to fight for a Spain and a Europe that are now weak and liquidated by the enemy, which is always the same with different masks: the Jew, because there is nothing more accurate than this affirmation”, and “the Jew is guilty”, are the expressions uttered by Isabel Peralta, from the so-called “Sección Nacional Femenina” (National Feminine Section), in the homage to the División Azul (Spanish combat unit that fought together with the Nazis on the Eastern Front against the Russians) last Saturday 13, and authorised by the Government Delegate Office in Madrid.

We believe these statements are clearly a crime against the Jewish people, so these disgusting words have a response by ACOM. Their author will not go unpunished for the eco these statements have had on social media and the Internet.

At the same time, our legal team has taken legal action against two publications that trivialise the Holocaust in a vile and disgusting way.


From the Twitter account @pepaflowers was published last 7 February the following content:

Welcome to Zendal Hospital. The miracle that will astound the world.

-Great capacity

-Transport to the doors

-Complete menus

-Common showers

-Pyjamas included

-Privacy and discretion (no mobiles)



From the Twitter account @i_brusi was published last 4 December the following content:

Ayusochwitz (Ayuso is the name of the President of the Autonomous Region of Madrid)





The exploitation of the tragedy that the Jewish people suffered in the Holocaust, being murdered in an industrial manner in the concentration and extermination camps as a result of the hatred ideology of the Nazis, to criticise a hospital that was built to save lives, not only is a clear example of the trivialisation of evil, but has to have criminal consequences.

ACOM – Action and Communication on the Middle East, as a civil organisation of reference in Spain of friendship with Israel, will continue fighting insistently against all those who, from hatred, lies, and boycotts, target Jews and their state, Israel. The Jew-hating vocation of those who intend to lessen the dignity of dead Jews and attack the existence of living ones will have a firm response in our trust in the Spanish Constitution and the legal action in the courts of justice that protect our democracy.