ACOM demands the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take responsibility for the promotion of hostile acts against the State of Israel from institutional communication channels

The General Consulate of Spain in Jerusalem, capital of Israel, has promoted through its verified account on the social network Twitter and on Facebook a public act of an organization whose reason of being is the stigmatisation of the Jewish people, the delegitimization of Israel as a nation, and the attempt to make it disappear.

It is nothing less than grotesque the fact that our consulate in the Israeli capital, dependant on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, promotes in its official communication channels an organization related to the BDS movement, a group that not only delegitimises a friendly and democratic state such as Israel, but which also glorifies islamist terrorism and incites anti-Semite violence.

It is also unacceptable that our taxes are used in this way, using the brand “Spain” as an active promoter of the disappearance of Israel. And even more infamous when the haters aim their campaign to an audience of children.

In ACOM we hope that the ambassador of Spain in Israel, Manuel Gomez-Acebo, a sensible man, takes action in the situation of the consulate of Spain in Jerusalem, which for years has been using anti-Israeli activists and operating as an office of cooperation with the Palestinian movements hostile towards the Jewish state and a shadow embassy of a Palestinian state that does not exist nor is recognised. And after this latest event, the Spanish assistant Consul in Jerusalem, José Luis González García, should be fired immediately.

“Pallasos en Rebeldia” (Rebellious Clowns) is a formula behind which hides an opaque organization supposedly focused on children, which participates actively in all the anti-Semite manifestations that the BDS movement promotes in Spain. It is a member of the parent organization in our country that coordinates the actions of boycott against Israel, and a recurring participant, with direct access, to public events financed by our taxes in extreme left city councils.

Behind a filter of false solidarity with the Palestinians, the BDS movement denies the two-state solution; it is against the normalisation of relations, ignores the Palestinian responsibility in the conflict, is clearly anti-Semite by not recognising the right of Israel to exist and thus the right to self-determination of the Jewish people, it whitewashes, justifies, and promotes Palestinian terrorism.

The visible head and promoter of “Pallasos en Rebeldia” is Iván Pardo, a person who has no scruples in meeting with terrorist groups like Hamas, and who doesn’t miss an opportunity to vent his most rancid anti-Semitism with classical statements that place the Jews at the centre of conspiracies and in charge of world power:

About the boycott against the American Jewish artist Matisyahu:

“The pathetic “role” yesterday of the newspaper El País (that looks more like a parish newsletter of the World Jewish Congress than a newspaper).”

About the hidden hand of the Jews:

“We know there are professional blacklists and the Zionist world has great power in culture and the media.”

Does that positioning have a cost?

Surely. I spent a night in a jail in Tel Aviv. We were in the middle of an air raid in Gaza. If you are at the wall of the Sahara you know it is full of mines. We know there are professional blacklists and the Zionist world has great power in culture and the media. But we have the pleasure of doing as clowns what makes us a little freer. I feel a great eroticism of laughter for being able to fool around in front of a wall, in front of the fence in Melilla. A guardia civil told me: “But this is a very serious matter.” Of course it is a very serious matter, you think you can stop human movement, that you can put fences where people have moved for centuries and also you do it to defend capital, not to defend life. There are people who arrive fleeing from terrible conflicts, like the Syrians. To be able to be a clown, to undress in front of the soldiers gives me such a great pleasure, such a great freedom, that I don’t care about blacklists.

About the power of Jews:

“The Mossad invents Hamas and the CIA the taliban and their cousins from ISIS. Happy families celebrating the spoils of war.”

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