ACOM denounces Mayor of Barcelona at the Public Prosecutor’s Office for perversion of justice and incitement to hatred

The claim presented at the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Barcelona requests that it investigate the decisions of the current Mayor of Barcelona. Specifically, it focuses on the initiative (and its effects) unilaterally taken by Ada Colau by means of a city hall decree to temporarily suspend relations between the City Hall of Barcelona and the State of Israel.

On 9 February, the City Hall of Barcelona, by means of a city hall decree, suspended the agreement of friendship and collaboration with the city of Tel Aviv. Colau unilaterally dictated a decree that, among other resolutions, established the temporary suspension of relations between the City Hall of Barcelona and the State of Israel.


Later, given the international ridicule caused by the decision, Colau was forced (by those who now intend to whitewash their collaboration with the Mayor during her whole term) to call for an extraordinary session so as to vote the decree. And despite it being rejected, far from removing her decree, Cola maintained it unaltered, reaffirming her alignment with positions that are clearly discriminatory, putting a target of hatred on the people of Israel, its companies, institutions, citizens, and anyone who sympathises with them.

The actions of the current Mayor, totally arbitrary and illegal, has forced ACOM to present a claim before the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Barcelona to investigate these acts.

This legal initiative of ACOM joins the contentious-administrative appeal in course against the City Hall of Barcelona for the mentioned decree of the City Hall.

Thanks to the legal initiative of ACOM, the main denouncer of the discourse of hatred and/or the discrimination for ethnic and national reasons such as the one promoted by Colau, 86 institutional agreements have been annulled to date, 10 of them backed by Higher Courts of Justice, and what is more important, by no other than the Supreme Court. All the rulings have insisted on the unconstitutionality and illegality of these discriminatory measures that violate the common framework of coexistence. All these results have been achieved thanks to the tireless work and professionalism of the Cremades Calvo Sotelo law firm.

ACOM, in its commitment to defend our democracy, will continue to unmask in all sectors, from the legal to the media, all actions that are taken by the antisemites who, in their false solidarity with the Palestinian people, intend to curtail the freedoms of Jews in Spain, in their desire to constantly harass the only Jewish state in the world and the only democracy of the Middle East.