ACOM initiates legal actions against the Autonomous University of Barcelona

Following various public declarations and political activities regarding the war that the State of Israel is waging against the terrorist group Hamas, promoted or endorsed by the governing body of @UABBarcelona, ACOM has commenced legal action against UAB leadership team.

Specifically, we refer to the “Statement of the governing body of the UAB regarding the situation in Gaza” dated November 10, 2023, a grotesque appropriation of public resources in which the actions of the Israeli army in response to the previous massacre committed by the terrorist group in southern Israel are labeled as a “violation of international law.”

The same governing team called for a “minute of silence in solidarity with the Palestinian people” in all UAB educational centers on November 29 at 1 p.m. Nowhere the university’s leadership mentions the crimes of the terrorists, incapable of holding them responsible for the massacre committed in their attack on October 7, mucho leas condemning them unequivocally for it.

As a public and plural institution, the University’s political actions must be guided by the principles of competence and ideological neutrality. Despite the UAB’s unfortunate habit of violating both principles in numerous aspects, ACOM will not remain silent in the face of those seeking to impose their monolithic biased discourse, creating violent, extremely hostile spaces, inhospitable for any Jewish or Israeli student, or their friends.

ACOM, initiated legal proceedings to revoke the referenced statement and establish relevant measures to prevent public calls or initiatives within the UAB that violate the principles of competence, objectivity, and ideological neutrality. Above all, we seek to halt any incitement to hatred and the glorification of jihadist discourse, finding it particularly obscene for the Academy to adopt and disseminate the terrorists’ narrative.

The University belongs to everyone. ACOM does not follow hollow words or sterile gestures. We have an ongoing and firm commitment against antisemitic hatred, especially those who restrict the freedom of Jews in Spain or harass the world’s only Jewish state, particularly when these antisemites use public resources.