ACOM makes possible an event in favour of Israel at the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid

– It is a historic feat: we have broken the antisemitic exclusion that prevented the expression of any favourable opinions towards Israel in that Faculty, which Podemos (Far Left, coalition partner of Pedro Sanchez in Spanish Government) and other extremist groups consider their domain.

– The student association “Libertad Sin Ira” (Freedom Without Anger) was in charge of organising the event. 

Today is a day of celebration in the fight against antisemitism in Spain. Despite the continuous attempts to intimidate, the conference of the Christian Israeli activist Elias Zarina has taken place in the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, a traditional stronghold of the antisemitic and anti-Israeli discourse. Elias is the leader of “Jerusalem Initiative”, a paradigmatic example of collaboration between the Jewish and Christian communities in Israel.

The act took place despite the Dean of said Faculty, Esther del Campo, did everything that was in her hand to prevent an event in favour of Israel and against antisemitism. Faced with the warning of legal action if the act was arbitrarily forbidden, the conference finally took place with strong security measures. Although there was some graffiti in the conference room, the usual sectarians and violent protestors did not receive any orders to disrupt the act, and it was celebrated without any incident. The agents of hatred against the Jews now see reduced their capacity to continue treating public universities as their property.

It is worth remembering that this same Faculty in immersed in a legal suit by initiative of ACOM after approving discriminatory boycott regulations.

The event was organised by “Libertad Sin Ira” (Freedom Without Anger), whom we thank for their courage, commitment, and determination. Freedom of expression and academic freedom are fundamental rights, and preserving them is essential for the health of our democracy.

The unbreakable commitment of ACOM with the rule of law, guaranteed by our Constitution, will make our presence in the public universities constant. Gone are the years of imposition of a single discourse, sectarian and discriminatory against the Jews in our public universities.

This is the beginning of a series of activities that will ensure a constant presence of the voice in favour of Israel in the Spanish universities.

Angel Mas, President of ACOM
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