ACOM reports Spanish Minister of Social Rights to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for incitement to hatred

ACOM reports a presumed crime of incitement to hatred, established and punished in Article 510 of the Penal Code, committed by Ione Belarra, the current acting Minister of Social Rights and 2030 Agenda, and General Secretary of Podemos.

The report has been presented at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court, as it has jurisdiction according to Articles 264 and 265 of the Criminal Law.

These last few weeks, abusing her position and the repercussion of her statements, Ione Belarra has spread both on her social networks and in different public appearances reiterated messages against Israel, this being a clear incitement to hatred against the Israelis that live in our country.

The statements were made after a terrorist attack against Israel that has provoked a war, demonizing the State that was attacked and its citizens, aware that such a message of hatred could generate and has generated outbursts against Israelis living in Spain. Also, this promotion of hate speech against the Israeli people has consequences for the Spanish citizens that make up the national Jewish communities due to their origin and religion.

Such messages exceed by far the right to freedom of expression of Belarra, and even more taking into account the political position she holds, harming the right to equality of Spanish and foreign citizens who live in Spain, as well as the freedom of religion defended in Spanish Constitution.

In its commitment to the defence of democracy ACOM will continue to unmask in all areas, from the legal to the media, all the actions carried out by the antisemites who, with their supposed solidarity with the Palestinian people, intend to restrict the liberties of Jews in Spain, in their aim to constantly harass the only Jewish state in the world and the only democracy in the Middle East.

Some examples of statements enclosed in the report: