ACOM reports the representative of the Palestinian Community in Valencia to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for incitement to hatred

  • ACOM reports Said Muti, the representative of the Palestinian Community, to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Valencia, Hate Crimes and Discrimination Section, for incitement to hatred.
  • The association demands the intervention of the public prosecutor for the chants launched against the State of Israel and its citizens during the speech that Said Muti gave at a concentration against Israel last 10 October 2023 in the City Hall Square of Valencia.
  • Among other manifestations (and official publications from social media) he called the State of Israel “a cancer that must be extirpated”.

ACOM cannot remain silent before attacks like these, whose final aim is to promote attacks against certain persons and social groups, as are those pointed out by his message and who see their rights and liberties restricted in our country.

In no community legally organised under the rule of law can such abhorrent discourses be allowed, which are similar in their form and essence to classic expressions of Nazism, as they dehumanise, degrade, and target part of society, singularly the Spanish Jewish communities, as enemies to be killed, threatening them in a veiled way, thus altering their normal coexistence and safety.

Evidently, the moment chosen by the accused to spread the message of incitement to hatred against Israel is not by chance, but a situation that has allowed the broadcasting and spread of the message in a massive way, without any limits, thus achieving the effect he intended, which is no other than it reach the greatest number of people, taking the promotion of the hate speech of the accused to its maximum expression.

In its commitment to the defence of democracy ACOM will continue to unmask in all areas, from the legal to the media, all the actions carried out by the antisemites who, with their supposed solidarity with the Palestinian people, intend to restrict the liberties of Jews in Spain, in their aim to constantly harass the only Jewish state in the world and the only democracy in the Middle East.