ACOM requests the Dean of the University of Granada to revoke a discriminatory manifesto

  • ACOM requests the Dean of the University of Granada to revoke a discriminatory manifesto.
  • ACOM requests through the official registry the Dean of the University of Granada, Mr Pedro Mercado, by virtue of the respect for the principle of ideological neutrality at the institutional level, to adopt the necessary measures to revoke a manifesto of the University of Granada that amply covers the category of libel.

As public and plural institutions, which universities are, their actions in the political terrain should be governed by the principle of competence and by the principle of ideological neutrality.

Last 9 February 2024 the University of Granada published a “Manifesto in support and solidarity with the civil population of the conflict in Gaza“, a text totally aimed at coarsely slandering one of the parties in the conflict, a democratic state that follows the rule of law, and de facto positioning itself with the terrorists who caused the current war, about whom it contorts itself to avoid speaking of their crimes and being incapable of making them responsible for the massacre committed in their attack of the seventh of October, and to condemn them for it without a doubt.

The fact that the manifesto is adopted as the official position of the University of Granada is not only a clear violation of the principle of neutrality that should govern every public institution, but also it is the clearest proof of the totalitarian drift that governs certain academic spaces in Spain. A drift that, based on the freedom given to us by our constitutional framework, we are not going to consent in ACOM.

ACOM reserves the right to take the necessary legal and/or judicial measures if the Dean remains silent as a response or if he insists on his discriminatory position, maintaining active a manifesto full of falsehoods that promotes hatred against any Jewish or Israeli student, or friends of them, turning the University into a flagrant space of intolerance.