ACOM Statement on Pedro Sanchez’s announcement of the recognition of a “Palestinian state”

The recognition of a Palestinian state that does not exist, the creation by his will alone of a fiction, a parallel reality, is the latest ploy by Pedro Sanchez to confuse public opinion and distract it from the rampant corruption problems of his government.

That this will take Spain’s reputation with it, that it will have lasting implications for our role in the concert of Western democracies, that it will separate us from the majority position of the main EU countries, matters nothing to a demagogic president with banana tics.

That he evidently rewards terrorists who committed an unspeakable massacre (and who do not seek their own state, but rather the destruction of the only Jewish state), appeals to adolescent simplifications as a solution to a complex conflict with geostrategic ramifications. And that he does so precisely when Israel, our Western ally in the region, is fighting a defensive war of survival against terrorist attacks and Iran, illustrates the moral caliber of this individual.

Sánchez has announced this recognition against the explicit and overwhelmingly majority will of the nation’s parliament, which, ten years ago, the last time it was consulted on the matter, voted that any such recognition should be based on direct negotiation between the parties, within the context of an internationally sponsored process, and ensuring Israel’s security—something impossible at the present time.

The Spanish public must recognize this latest initiative by this reckless political arsonist as yet another chapter in his headlong rush forward. A drift that stops at nothing and drags Spain’s reputation and role in the world along with it.

History must record the context in which this atrocity has occurred, and the opposition must make it clear that, upon coming to power, it will reverse a decision concerning a false state that lacks a single elected or legitimate government, recognized borders, or any institutions capable of ensuring it does not become another failed state in the hands of bloodthirsty jihadists. A state that would be born with 130 hostages in its hands. A state alongside which no Spaniard would want to live with their family.