ACOM takes legal action against Samidoun

The association is taking legal action against members of the PFLP franchise in Spain. Said members made apology of terrorism and incited anti-Semitic hatred in their intervention in a demonstration against Israel that took place last October 29, 2023 in Madrid.

These acts constitute a crime under articles 510 and 578 of the Spanish penal code.

ACOM will not remain inert in the face of attacks such as those carried out by Samidoun, who, together with the terrorist group “Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine” (PFLP), is also the organizer of another demonstration on Saturday 27th in Madrid. Those who defend, justify and encourage terrorism will be brought to justice.

It is worth remembering that the aforementioned demonstration, where there were evident proclamations of apology of terrorism, and glorification of rapes, tortures, kidnappings and murders, was authorized, in spite of our repeated warnings, by the Delegate of the Government in Madrid. Several members of that Executive, such as Yolanda Díaz or Irene Montero, and their respective political formations (Sumar and Podemos), promoted publicly, and in a very active way, the attendance to the demonstration. Their presence in an evident exhibition of hatred and apology of jihadism was not censured in any case by the President of the Government.


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