After the continuous provocations and insults from The Spanish Prime Minister against Israel, the government of Jerusalem recalls its ambassador to Madrid for consultations

• In his interview today on the Spanish public TV channel, Sánchez aligned himself with the positions of Hamas and, without providing any evidence, stated that he had “serious doubts” about whether Israel is respecting international humanitarian law.

• In the same interview, Sánchez mentioned as an “anecdote” the exhibition of the video showing the massacres perpetrated by Hamas, to which he had access.

• Sánchez’s extremist stance, shamefully close to Hamas terrorists, will seriously damage bilateral relations and cooperation between the two countries, further erode Spain’s role as a reliable nation among Western democracies, and affect the well-being and security of Israelis and Jews in Spain.

Everyone in Spain knows that Pedro Sánchez acts solely guided by his own convenience and personal benefit. We must all assume that his stance on the war between Israel and Hamas is not based on any deep conviction, let alone moral or ethical principles. Sánchez simply follows what he believes benefits him in his pedestrian, tactical, and short-sighted political game. Sánchez never prioritizes Spain’s national interests and disregards factual considerations and truthfulness. His statements cannot be regarded as those of a national leader but rather as those of an agitator inciting the most fanatical segment of his audience.

Sánchez’s continuous provocation against Israel, his disregard for terrorism victims, and his misalignment with the policies of all Western governments, follow a suicidal logic that, of course, affects Spain’s national interests, the country’s reputation, and, unfortunately, the well-being and security of Spanish Jewish communities. We have been warning about Pedro Sánchez‘s bellicose drift against Israel and the Jewish people for years, and the regrettable steps he is taking now only confirm our previous claims.

The Government of Israel is compelled to recall its Ambassador to Spain, reacting to Sánchez’s continuous provocations, which are more aligned with pariah countries than with democratic powers. Sánchez is taking the tension to extreme levels in an immoral way, benefiting the interests of the most inhumane criminals and immorally attacking the only democracy in the entire Middle East at a time when it is engaged in an unwanted war with terrorists that it could not avoid.

This betrayal of the Jewish state will have consequences for Spain, not only in the short term, and not only with Israel (in key areas such as national security and counterterrorism). It will have an evident and lasting effect on how the free world and Spain’s allies perceive our country from this moment forward. It will particularly affect how Jewish communities in the diaspora observe Spain and its reliability as a safe destination for investments and tourism.