BDS antisemitic group organizes a learning course on…antisemitism funded by public administration

ACOM, reference organization in Spain in the fight against antisemitism, firmly condemns the decision of the government of the Valencian Community (5 million citizens) to offer the public course on “Solidarity and human rights. Learning to teach against hatred and racism (judeophobia, islamophobia, and Palestine-Israel)” organised and presented by the local group of BDS, País Valencià.

Said course, literally, has the specific objectives of: “promoting values of peace, solidarity, and human rights among students; dismantling the numerous myths and prejudices that exist around these matters and interculturality as a tool against hatred”.

ACOM considers repugnant that the Government of the Autonomous Region of Valencia (made up of the socialist party, Compromís -akin to Catalan separatism-, and Podemos -Chavist extreme left-) proposes an entity such as BDS Pais Valencià, which promotes discrimination against Jews, to organise and present a course oriented to train Valencian teachers to learn to teach against hatred and racism, including judeophobia and antisemitism. And especially serious is that it does so using resources of the Spanish taxpayers.

It is worth pointing out that this group is responsible for the blackmail against the American Jewish artist Matisyahu in the summer of 2015, intending to stop his performance in a music festival. BDS Pais Valencià has nine of its members accused of serious crimes of harassment, coercion, and aggression against the singer; among them is Jorge Ramos Tolosa, one of the speakers of the course, professor of the University of Valencia.

We also remind that BDS Pais Valencià was the group responsible to promote the approval of discriminatory motions against Jews for institutions of various levels of competency in the region of Valencia by associating them with the campaign «Space Free of Israeli Apartheid (ELAI)» of the BDS Movement.

All these motions were annulled by the courts of law after the legal initiative of ACOM, pointing out their discriminatory and unconstitutional nature. Among the most known examples, the City Hall of Valencia and the government of the province itself, Diputación de Valencia. The legal blows against their initiatives and the criminal trials the BDS movement has to deal with would be reason enough for a public administration to cancel any activity, educational or of any nature, with these individuals.

Nevertheless, we reserve the right to adopt legal measures to avoid that a group that breaks the framework of democratic coexistence uses public resources as a platform to expand their judeophobe ideology.

The Spanish courts of justice have already sentenced on the illegality and unconstitutional nature of the BDS campaign. ACOM, the main denouncer of the discourse of hatred and/or the discrimination because of ethnic and national reasons that this movement promotes, has achieved that 65 discriminatory agreements be annulled by court sentence or by the institutions themselves to date.

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