Cancelled course of the University of Santiago for its Holocaust trivialisation content

After last week’s public denouncement by ACOM, the University of Santiago de Compostela has cancelled its academic programme of the course “Auschwitz/Gaza. A testing ground for comparative literature”, organised by the Faculty of Philosophy of said university.

The iconography and main theme of the programme established, and not by coincidence, a correspondence between Gaza, an area controlled by Hamas, a jihadist organisation that subjects its population to a regime of terror, and the Auschwitz extermination camp. They did not choose any other place or event, but precisely the location where more than a million people were murdered, with the intention of criminalising, dehumanising, and questioning the legitimacy of Israel, looking to extend a similarity between the Jewish State and Nazi Germany, a behaviour defined as anti-Semitic in the IHRA Declaration officially adopted by Spain.

We celebrate that the University has rectified, eliminating from its academic offer a course designed only from the utmost clumsiness, fierce sectarianism, and a shameless sense of impunity, a true enormity that trivialises the Holocaust, even awarding academic credits for it.

Unfortunately, it is another example of how in certain Spanish universities courses of anti-Israeli propaganda and agit prop are passed off as academic content. A crass manipulation that will always be challenged by ACOM, organisation of reference in Spain against anti-Semitism.

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