Discriminatory boycott annulled in Molins de Rey, anti-Israeli stronghold in Catalonia

• On 17 June the Contentious Administrative Court number 16 of Barcelona has ruled in favour of the lawsuit presented by ACOM against the Catalan city hall.

• ACOM took legal action against the City Hall of Molins de Rey, which approved in 2013 a motion of adherence to the BDS discriminatory movement.

• Molins de Rey put into practice its resolution of anti-Semite boycott against Israel in November 2018, preventing the match that was programmed to take place in its premises between the female water polo national teams of Israel and Spain.

Ruling 84/2020 – Ordinary procedure 441/2018 -A

Hardly a month after the election of the separatist Joan Ramon Casals as mayor of the town of Molins de Rey in April 2013 the city hall approved an agreement of adherence to the BDS anti-Semite movement, whose objective was the exclusion of any presence or interest of Israel or persons related from those towns that accept to be a part of their campaign of hatred.

Molins de Rey was the scene of the shameful application of said discriminatory boycott with the cancellation in 2018 of the official match of the European Female Water Polo League between the national teams of Israel and Spain and that was programmed to take place in the municipal sports premises.

Apart from the contentious-administrative process that we started, ruled positively against the discriminatory agreement of the city hall (with the votes against of ERC, PODEMOS and CUP), ACOM has also presented a lawsuit for crimes of hatred and discrimination against the ex-mayor of Molins de Rey (today chief of cabinet of Quim Torra) together with the councillors of the separatist party CUP.

ACOM, the main denouncer in Spain of the discourse of hatred and/or discrimination for ethnic and national reasons promoted by this movement, has achieved that 67 agreements of adhesion to BDS have been annulled by court order or by the city halls themselves when informed of the illegality of said agreements. All the judicial responses have insisted on the illegality of these exclusive measures that violate the common coexistence framework.

Ángel Más, President of ACOM: “We will continue to expose these extremists that both in the institutions and in the public life intend to impose their ideology by coercion, recovering the dignity for our Jewish minority threatened by those same intolerant people who want to break the constitutional order that protects us all”.


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