The Mossad, the CNI (Spanish intelligence service), and the terrorist attacks in Spain in 2017


In the following pages we outline the different phases of the campaign of information intoxication concocted by the far left partners of the Spanish Government, Podemos, in collaboration with the Catalonian separatist leaders.

The objective of said manoeuvre and its different phases of coordination was to accuse the Spanish secret services of colluding with the jihadi terrorist attacks in Catalonia in 2017, and accuse the Mossad of participating in their planning.

We establish a coherent chronological line from the moment the defamatory content is launched to the public opinion, the platforms used for its massive broadcasting, the profile and ideological bias of the main actors of the agitprop campaign.

Publishing the accusations

Last 15 July appears the first of a series of “investigations” in the newspaper Público:





“EXCLUSIVE | Why were the Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalonian police) kept in the dark about a clear and imminent terrorist threat in Catalonia?”

In the complete series of articles they speculate, without offering data nor trustworthy sources, about some theories of the involvement of the Spanish CNI in the terrorist attacks that occurred in the cities of Barcelona and Cambrils in the autonomous region of Catalonia in Spain. They began on 17 August 2017 in the avenue Las Ramblas in Barcelona, and hours after the attack in Barcelona, on the night of the 17 there was another attack in Cambrils.

The specific accusations launched against the CNI are:

– The organiser of the massacre of Las Ramblas was an informer of the CNI until the day of the attack.

– The CNI was listening to the mobile phones of the murderers of Las Ramblas five days before the killing.

nd helped him to become the imam of Ripoll.

– The CNI wanted to put the imam in Barcelona but the local chief refused him being controlled by Madrid.

About the media it is published in

The newspaper Público has had since its first day an editorial bias of extreme left and in line with Catalonian separatism. This hostility shows not only in biased news, but also in a long list of columnists fervently anti-Israeli, as the case of Juan Carlos Monedero, Eugenio García Gascón, or the members of Podemos Rafael MayoralAlberto Garzón, Miguel Urbán, Jaume Asens, Teresa Rodríguez or even Pablo Iglesias. It also has permanent sections aimed at broadcasting hatred against Israel and anti-Semite ideology such as the BDS, like Voces del Mediterráneo.

The founder and co-editor of Público is the multi-millionaire Jaume Roures.

Roures is considered the great promoter of the Catalonian separatist movement, especially of its most anti-Semite division, the CUP, and he is also related to the expansion of Podemos.

In 1983 Roures was arrested for collaboration with the terrorist group ETA, accused of collaborating in the setting up of the commando Barcelona and of having hidden in his home the terrorist Iñaki Ibero Otegui, who kidnapped the businessman Saturnino Orbegozo. Ibero was fleeing from the police and was trying to reassemble the commando in Barcelona. Roures was a member of the Revolutionary Communist League, an organization in favour of the self-determination of the peoples by means of a revolutionary process.

Roures owns the media outlet Mediapro, which has the television rights for the 2022 World Cup that will be celebrated in Qatar from 21 November to 18 December.

About the author of the articles

Who signs the document is Carlos Enrique Bayo, traditionally lined with extreme left media. Apart from his current position in Público he is a regular guest in HispanTV, the television financed by Iran. The journalist has defended unabashedly classic anti-Semite theories like “the Jewish control of world finance”, or has repeatedly doubted the terrorist nature of HAMAS:

Bayo is the author of a series of “reports” of Público in 2017 that already included an unfounded rumour about the terrorist attacks; a lie in the eyes of any reader, which to this day he has NOT rectified:

The conspiracy theory surfaces (or returns)

The different parts of the article insist on material that moved around in separatist and antiestablishment environments a few years ago. That is the common thread with which the Mossad appears again in the public debate. It is not the politicians or the article who mention directly the intervention of the Mossad, but they do fuel a baseless theory that precisely has certain users of Twitter as maximum proponents, without any scientific basis.

The article that curiously comes to light a year and a half later is this one:

It clearly declares that Israeli intelligence participated in the attack and had complete control over the perpetrators.

 “Being Es Satty a clear risk to Jewish communities, the Israeli intelligence service placed him under a special electronic surveillance.”

“Meanwhile, Israeli surveillance, unaware that Es Satty was an informant, concluded that his patterns of activity matched to those of an imminent terrorist attack.”

“After Spanish government’s lack of effective response and fearing an upcoming attack, the Israeli Intelligence Service sent operatives to Barcelona to protect key buildings of the local Jewish community.”

There are several references in that article of Medium to… links of Público signed by… Carlos Enrique Bayo.

The article is signed by Benjamin Paret. It is his only entry in the portal

The author offers in his profile a link to his Twitter account, where he has 127 followers and continues to 40 profiles, all of them exclusively belonging to the Catalonian separatist scene. He also follows Carlos Enrique Bayo.

But that article is but the sum of dozens of entries that have moved these last years in the most absolute marginalization on the internet. Examples such as the following:

 “The Mossad used two vans in the terrorist attack of Las Ramblas in Barcelona, and also they went along the side, not along the centre. The first van was controlled remotely from Richmond (USA). The second with publicity they placed it when they closed the area”.

“They even dare less to value another of the speculations that are circulating, and that is that the Mossad itself would have set off the explosives of Alcanar to liquidate the operation.”

In fact, this medium, of reference in the separatist environment, uses as a contrasted reference… Benjamin Paret.

And with all these elements, despite not showing any reliable original source, the internet users make their own interpretations the last days, competing in improbability:

The Spanish state behind the attack in Las Ramblas with 13 killed? #FalseFlag
According to @publico “The organiser of the massacre of Las Ramblas was an informer of the CNI until the day of the attack” @tableroglobal
He still is an informer, he didn’t die in the attack, a false flag orchestrated by Spain with the help of the Mossad and a company specialised in simulations, in September I will reveal all this farce.
The attack failed in Barcelona thanks to the Mossad who destroyed in Alcanzar the 85 kg of explosives manufactured with documents with the seal of the Ministry of Security. The agents acted by need, exploding with an incendiary bullet from the white van that disappeared.
Let’s see: I’m convinced, without any proof because they don’t want to investigate it, only with what has been made public, that the Deep State wanted to kill thousands of people in the Sagrada Familia in 2017. It also seems believable that the Mossad exploded the chalet in Alcanar and not to do us a favour, but because it is not good for their interests that the pseudo-Islamic terrorism appears more powerful than it is thanks to the Francoist regime. More: we know they have paid Lithuania and the Trump administration for favours; we know they have spied their own and foreigners; we know

The disseminating role of Podemos and other influencers:

Quickly the different social network accounts of the leaders of Podemos, sympathising journalists and separatist politicians replied to the information, adding adjectives and accepting without checking the theories mentioned in said article:

The news was accepted without criticism by all the Catalonian media with separatist editorial nature.

The massive broadcasting, especially from the extreme left and Catalonian separatism, has had a certain repercussion, although limited, internationally in related media:

The history of Podemos regarding Israel

Podemos presents the anti-Israeli position as a main axis of its policy. Historically it has shown a furious hostility, contributing to all types of movements and initiatives against the State of Israel. They are the institutional promoters of BDS.

The role of separatism

After the broadcast of the content on the social networks, making viral the conspiracy theory, the President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Joaquim Torra, joined with a clear intoxicating intention, shamelessly suggesting demanding responsibilities, based precisely on an orchestrated chain of unprecedented disinformation:

“President Torra demanded from the Spanish government an explanation of the events that have caused preoccupation and anxiety among the population. He also said that if the published information were confirmed, the derived responsibilities would have to be assumed.”

But that was just the tip, at an institutional level, of a broken dam where the water of conspiracy flooded everything. The separatist Catalonian political leaders grabbed the conspiracy theory as if their lives depended on it.

This morning I send a letter to Vice President Carmen Calvo and to the Minister of Defence Margarita Robles demanding transparency, collaboration with the investigation committees and a meeting to deal with the latest worrying informations published by @Publico
It is an extremely serious scandal. We demand explanations from the Spanish government and that the highest responsibilities are assumed. The silence imposed by the parties of the 155 is intolerable. Two years after the attack the victims and all the citizens deserve respect and all the information.

Almost two years after the attacks of #17A and after the latest published informations, I have sent this letter to the consuls of the countries with people killed in the attacks.