Mayor of Cadiz, in the dock for his support to BDS movement

Due to the lawsuit filed by ACOM, one of the leaders of Podemos, Mayor of Cadiz Jose Maria Gonzalez – aka ‘Kichi’ , is brought before the court.

After opening prior proceedings the court admitted the lawsuit against the Mayor, which makes him an INVESTIGATED person by the Spanish legal system. The reason for accusing the Cadiz Mayor has been the possible committing of a crime of incitement to hatred according to article 510 of the Spanish Penal Code.


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On 12 August 2016 the City Council of Cádiz approved the adhesion to the discriminatory network ELAI “city free from Israeli apartheid” against the Jewish state. Cádiz, the oldest city in Spain, with 119,000 citizens and an important ship building industry, is governed by the extreme left Chavist party Podemos, allied with IU (Communist Party). Gonzalez is mayor of an important Spanish city and leading figure in the party Podemos.

Months later, following the guidelines of that adhesion to BDS-ELAI, the city suffered in September 2017 an unequivocally anti-Semite political demonstration. The City Council decided then to unilaterally cancel the celebration of a Cycle of Israeli Films programmed for 28 and 29 of September.

ACOM presented a lawsuit against the measure and another one for a possible crime of hatred, both against the councillors of the City Council and APDHA (the local NGO that coordinates the ELAI campaign in the province of Cádiz) and Omar Barghouti, founder of the BDS movement.

On 22 March Court number 1 of Cádiz passed sentence of civil law in which it annulled the decision of the City Council to suspend the cycle of Israeli films. In that same line, the adhesion of the city to BDS has also been annulled by the courts.

Then the same court reopened the criminal case against the investigated persons, as the process was suspended awaiting the administrative sentence. Now that the City Council of Cádiz and the promoters of spaces free of Israelis have received a double legal blow, the criminal path is open for them.

ACOM, reference group of the Spanish civil society that fights against anti-Semite discrimination and harassment against the only Jewish state, is committed to not leaving unanswered these attitudes and their illegality, absolutely outside the framework of peaceful coexistence established by the Spanish Constitution.

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