Holocaust trivialisation and slander against the Jewish people in the Spanish Parliament: the conference that Podemos is planning

The Secretary General of the Spanish Communist Party, Enrique Santiago, and the deputy spokesperson of Podemos (extreme left) in the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Spanish parliament, Lucía Muñoz, prepare a demonstration of hatred and disdain against Jews in Parliament.

Public link of the event: https://twitter.com/IzquierdaUnida/status/1589641820614848515?s=20&t=qz21rvzXvYqWzHvV35h5vA

The event organised by Unidas Podemos (which hypocritically bears in its title a supposed commitment with the fight against antisemitism), will include Israeli citizens and someone who identifies as a Jew. It is not the first time that these people use their condition to spread hatred against the Jewish State. They have also insulted the memory of the Jewish people by making fun of the victims of the Holocaust at the very same Yad Vashem (The World Holocaust Remembrance Centre); they have expressed contempt for the Shoah in the Warsaw Ghetto; and they have used philo-Nazi rhetoric plagued with crude stereotypes on Jews and their supposed control of the world.

The obsession of Podemos and Izquierda Unida (communists) against the Jewish people and their safe home, Israel, is not new. To the contempt for the memory of the victims we have to add their permanent delegitimisation of Israel in numerous events and statements declared as antisemitic by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, despite Spain being a member of said alliance. A few weeks ago, Podemos voted in parliament against preventing the public financing of groups that promote antisemitism.

This time Podemos uses characters who, apart from not representing anyone, show a pathological self-hatred, seeking to be recognised as “good Jews” by the antisemites.

The speakers:

Eitan Bronstein

Bronstein participated in the shameful monologue in Yad Vashem, The World Holocaust Remembrance Centre. In it Bronstein appeared as a bodyguard the moment the activist Natali Cohen Vaxberg shouted: “I am the Holocaust! I’m the best thing that ever happened to you!”

Full video: https://youtu.be/flfUvPyLVZI?t=58


Yonatan Shapira

Shapira, Israeli ex-soldier, vandalised a wall in the Warsaw Ghetto with a graffiti that said: “Liberate all the ghettos” and “Liberate Gaza and Palestine”. The mere comparison of incomparable contexts and situations, together with the paradigmatic location where the vandalisation took place, caused the unanimous condemnation of Jewish organisations around the world:



Liliana Cordova

A regular at every show against Jews and Israel, she shamelessly repeats some of the most common stereotypes used by extreme right and extreme left groups:

Intervention on the Iranian television channel Hispan TV: https://youtu.be/l_4uTzqt8JU?t=47

Or participating in public events supporting terrorism:

The presenters:

Enrique Santiago

Enrique Santiago, the promoter of the platform Sumar of Yolanda Díaz (Vice-President of the Government of Spain and Minister for Work and Social Economy), has a long history of antisemitic demonstrations: trivialisation of the Holocaust, demonisation of Israel, and glorification of jihadism:

Lucía Muñoz:

This member of parliament for Podemos also has no qualms in publishing false information about Israel:

She also promotes campaigns of discriminatory organisations such as BDS, recently condemned by the Supreme Court (after 85 additional adverse sentencings), which considers it violates fundamental rights; or Samidoun, an organisation linked to the terrorist group PFLP.