Letter from the Minister of Diaspora Affairs Combating Anti-Semitism of the Government of Israel to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain

The Minister of Diaspora Affairs and Combating Anti-Semitism of the Government of Israel, Amichai Chikli, has sent a letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain, José Manuel Albares, in which he asks for concrete measures against the activity carried out in our country by Palestinian terrorist organizations and their entourage, such as the PFLP, Samidoun or Masar Badil.

Despite their extremely violent nature and their activities of apology of terrorism and incitement to hatred, and as ACOM has denounced on numerous occasions, these groups are allowed to call demonstrations in Madrid without the Government Delegation of Madrid, and its Delegate, Francisco Martin, disallowing them. And their leaders in Spain, instead of being arrested, openly publicize their activity, exhibiting a more than alarming proximity to members of the Government itself.

H.E. José Manuel Albares Bueno

Minister for Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation

Kingdom of Spain


I would like to ask the Spanish Government to address an issue, which should trouble us all.

The Palestinian Front of the Liberation of Palestine, FPLP in the Spanish acronym- is an active Palestinian terrorist organization, recognized as such by Israel and other Western countries, including the EU and Spain itself. However, we are witnessing the PFLP and its representatives acting openly in Spain. In addition to Layla Khaled, member of the terrorist organizations bureau that was invited to Barcelona by the City Council, there are representatives of this murderous terrorist group participating in public events in Spain and defending its means and ends.

The PFLP is even displayed as an organizer of a public demonstration in Madrid on Jan 27th, with no consequences to the authorization of such demonstration by the Ministry of the Interior or others. Another group associated with the PFLP, Samidoun, also calls on demonstrations and acts publicly in Spain in spite of its terrorist connections being well publicised and exposed. These facts led to the organization being banned in Germany and the terrorist affiliation of the group being discussed
in the European Parliament. In a recent demonstration supported by Samidoun in Madrid after the October 7th massacre, leaders of such group publicly proclaimed incitement against the Jews and open support for terrorism, both criminal offences under the Spanish Penal Code, again with no consequences against them. Samidoun Spain is also one of the organisers of the aforementioned rally in Madrid on Jan 27th, and in their call they use a video praising one of Hamas’s top terrorists and the head of Hamas’s military wing, Muhammad Deif.

In addition, a recent report written by my office’s division of research shows that another organization active in Spain and with links with both the PFLP and Samidoun, Masar Badil, publicly supported the October 7th massacre that started Israel’s war with Hamas and even blamed Israel and Zionism for leading to the atrocities carried out by Hamas.

The research also deals with the connection between Masar Badil, Hezbollah and Iran through the Spanish TV channel Hispan TV, funded by the Iranian regime.

Fighting antisemitism and the related terror is a key element shared by democracies all over the world. Defeating them will only occur if we stand together as a solid wall against the extremism. I ask you to take tangible measures, so that your Government moves against Masar Badil, Samidoun and the PLFP activities in Spain.

Amichai Chikli
Minister of Diaspora Affairs and Combating Antisemitism