New BDS agreement annulled by the Spanish courts

The Contentious Administrative Court number 2 of Cadiz has annulled the boycott against Israel approved by the City Hall of Medina Sidonia.

The Court indicated that “the content of the agreement goes beyond intentions or a political statement and has a dimension aimed at adopting measures”.

Thanks to the legal initiative of ACOM 72 BDS-ELAI institutional agreements have been annulled by the courts or by the Local and/or Public Administrations themselves.

On 28 June 2016 the City Hall of Medina Sidonia (population of 12,000 in the province of Cadiz, southern Spain) declared said town as “Space Free of Israeli Apartheid”. ACOM presented a contentious administrative appeal against this measure, which immersed the town and its citizens in a clear discriminatory practice by adhering to the BDS-ELAI space. The motion, presented by Izquierda Unida (Communist party), was approved with the votes in favour of PSOE (Socialist Party) and the vote against of the councillor of Partido Popular.

Now, with ruling number 71/2020, theContentious Administrative Court number 2 of Cádiz has forcefully annulled that measure.

The Court acknowledges that the agreement “is a violation of the competencies that the City Hall has by interfering with international relations, and just for that reason the annulment of said resolution should be declared”.

It is worth remembering that this motion was promoted by the so-called Pro-Human Rights Association of Andalucía (APDHA), which coordinates the BDS-campaign of hatred in the area of Andalucía, together with Podemos and other regional franchises of the extreme left such as Adelante Andalucía.

According to Angel Mas, President of ACOM, “in Spain the public institutions have subsidised an industry of hatred that has promoted anti-Semite discrimination with aspirations of moral superiority and impunity. But while Spain is a democracy with guarantees and our courts defend our constitutional liberties ACOM will expose those extremists and will recover the dignity for our Jewish minority threatened by those intolerant elements”.