New sentence in Spain condemning the boycott against Israel

  • Another legal blow in Valencia against the anti-Semite campaign of several towns against the Jewish state.
  • Thanks to the legal initiative of ACOM, 68 BDS institutional agreements have been judicially annulled or by the Local and/or Public Administrations themselves.

The Contentious Administrative Court number 2 of Valencia has declared illegal the adherence of the City Hall of Vinalesa (4,000 inhabitants) to the BDS discriminatory movement against companies linked with or located in the State of Israel. Also, it imposes legal costs, which will be paid by the citizens of the town.

The decision considers that the agreement adopted by the City Hall of Vinalesa contains discriminatory restrictions and that exceeds its local competency and affects the right to equality reflected in the Spanish Constitution.

The motion was presented by Compromis (close to Catalonian separatism) the plenary session celebrated on 27 september 2016, being approved with the votes of the councilors of PSOE (socialists) and the abstention of Partido Popular (conservatives).

The Court has considered that the motion “violates the Spanish Constitution, in relation to the multiplicity of legal provisions, in the form of incitement to hatred or discrimination for ethnic or national reason”, and that the city council “acts in a discriminatory manner towards certain people, by reason of their nationality”.

The legal siege on this disgusting discriminatory campaign, thanks to our legal initiative, does not stop. ACOM will continue to expose these extremists that both in the institutions and in the public life intend to impose their ideology by coercion, and to recover the dignity for our Jewish minority threatened by those same intolerants who intend to break the Spanish Constitutional framework that protects us all.