On the unacceptable interference of Pedro Sanchez in Israeli politics

From ACOM we denounce the unacceptable interference of the Spanish President who, abusing his post and institutional position in the Socialist International, has taken the liberty of publishing an unacceptable video where he criticises the legitimate government of Israel in matters of domestic politics of the Jewish State.

A domestic, democratic, and live process as is the current judicial reform in Israel has to be taken on by the Israeli society and its legitimate democratic representatives. In no case by foreign actors, guided by their insufferable arrogance and a shameful desire to be the protagonists. Can you imagine the Israeli government interfering in the situation of the Spanish Constitutional Court or General Council of the Judiciary?

It is particularly shameful that Pedro Sánchez dares to preach to Israel on matters of domestic politics while the party he leads has supported dozens of illegal resolutions in the whole of Spain against the Israelis. Only the legal action taken by ACOM in court has avoided that boycotts against Jews become the norm in our country. More than 90 Spanish institutions governed by PSOE and its partners from the extreme left and the separatists voted to not do business with any Israeli company, product, institution, or organisation or that was publicly associated with the Jewish State. Even the Supreme Court has defined these measures as discriminatory and anticonstitutional.

Mr Sanchez is the same political fraudster who has continually been blocking in Parliament the legislation that would prevent the public financing of antisemitic organisations; the same President who continues to transfer funds to the Palestinian Authority to reward the terrorists who slaughter Israeli citizens; citizens whom he dares to guide and teach. He is the leader of a government formed by the most antisemitic parties in the European Union.

He has no shame.