ACOM presents an appeal against the City Hall of Barcelona

On January 16, the General Assembly of Action and Communication on the Middle East (ACOM) has decided to present a contentious-administrative appeal against the following agreements, against the rest of the complementary points of such agreements, and against the acts and administrative resolutions derived from them: AGREEMENT OF THE GENERAL MEETING OF THE CITY COUNCIL […]

ACOM requests the Government’s Delegate Office to forbid a demonstration that glorifies terrorism

ACOM requests the Government’s Delegate to forbid a demonstration in Madrid that glorifies terrorism and incites hatred against the Israeli and Jewish communities. A demonstration has been arranged for 27 January 2024 at 16:00 h with the slogans “A march united against the genocide. Stop the genocide now. Free Palestine from the river to the […]

A call from ACOM to the Spanish Jewish leaders: we must not allow the government of Sánchez to whitewash itself during the coming commemoration events of the Holocaust

Once again, like every year, next 27 January we commemorate the International Holocaust Remembrance Day and, consequently, an institutional act will take place in the Senate that is normally attended by members of the Government and representatives of the Jewish Communities in Spain, as well as by prominent members of Jewish life in our country. […]

ACOM initiates legal actions against the Autonomous University of Barcelona

Following various public declarations and political activities regarding the war that the State of Israel is waging against the terrorist group Hamas, promoted or endorsed by the governing body of @UABBarcelona, ACOM has commenced legal action against UAB leadership team. Specifically, we refer to the “Statement of the governing body of the UAB regarding the […]

After the continuous provocations and insults from The Spanish Prime Minister against Israel, the government of Jerusalem recalls its ambassador to Madrid for consultations

• In his interview today on the Spanish public TV channel, Sánchez aligned himself with the positions of Hamas and, without providing any evidence, stated that he had “serious doubts” about whether Israel is respecting international humanitarian law. • In the same interview, Sánchez mentioned as an “anecdote” the exhibition of the video showing the […]

Pedro Sanchez, Europe’s most Israelophobic leader

In light of the visit of the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, to Israel, we at ACOM provide information and context about Sánchez’s stance, his government’s, and the position the parties supporting him in relation to Israel, Spanish Jews, and, in particular, the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. The conclusion is straightforward. Sánchez not […]

ACOM reports Spanish Minister of Social Rights to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for incitement to hatred

ACOM reports a presumed crime of incitement to hatred, established and punished in Article 510 of the Penal Code, committed by Ione Belarra, the current acting Minister of Social Rights and 2030 Agenda, and General Secretary of Podemos. The report has been presented at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court, as it has […]

ACOM reports the representative of the Palestinian Community in Valencia to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for incitement to hatred

ACOM cannot remain silent before attacks like these, whose final aim is to promote attacks against certain persons and social groups, as are those pointed out by his message and who see their rights and liberties restricted in our country. In no community legally organised under the rule of law can such abhorrent discourses be […]

MADRID: Remembering the Israelis kidnapped by Hamas

Today three rallies were held in Madrid to remember the more than 240 people kidnapped a month ago by Hamas, held captive in Gaza in an inhumane way. Babies, small children, the elderly, entire families. Without anyone having been able to verify what conditions they are in, without the medications that some need, without the […]

About the restoring of relations between Barcelona and the State of Israel

At ACOM we celebrate that Barcelona resumes the twinning with the Israeli city of Tel Aviv after its mayor, Mr Jaume Collboni, has signed a city council decree that annuls the measures promoted by the previous mayor Mrs Ada Colau. Said libellous measures included the suspension of relations of the city of Barcelona with the […]

The courts open a criminal case against former Mayor of Barcelona after ACOM files a lawsuit

The lawsuit presented by ACOM at the Provincial Public Prosecutor’s Office of Barcelona against Ada Colau for the alleged crimes of administrative perversion of justice and incitement to hatred has been accepted. According to articles 101, 109, and 110 of the Criminal Code, on 18 July the legal team of ACOM has presented entry of […]

Survey: on antisemitism and the perception of the State of Israel in Spain

Survey by Sigma Dos for ACOM on antisemitism and the perception of the State of Israel in the Autonomous Region of Madrid The survey was done by Sigma Dos for ACOM in 5 towns of the Autonomous Region of Madrid between the months of April and May. It focused on the perception of the existence […]

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