THE APPEAL PRESENTED BY ACOM AGAINST THE CITY HALL OF BARCELONA ADMITTED. ACOM continues with the lawsuit against the City Hall of Barcelona and its discriminatory agenda against Israel and the Jews. ACTION AND COMMUNICATION ON THE MIDDLE EAST -ACOM- presented last 24 February the contentious-administrative appeal against the City Hall of Barcelona for the […]

About Francesca Albanese: our letter to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: Spain must demand the dismissal of Albanese at the UN Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union, and Cooperation: We are dismayed at the recent statements of Francesca Albanese, the Special Rapporteur of the UN for the Palestinian territories, which join a long list of dehumanisation of the […]

MEPs and international experts call on the EU to ban Iran-linked radical extremist organisation Samidoun

Symposium in the European Parliament responds to the growing threat to Europeans of radicalising extremist groups operating in the EU. The day after an article was published in Newsweek entitled ‘How Iran’s Tentacles Are Reaching Into Europe’ its co-authors joined MEPs and experts on counter-terrorism, security and international law to warn the European Union of […]

Countering radicalisation and hatred spread by extremist organisations active in the European Union: THE SPANISH CASE

Spain has been historically a hotbed for anti-Israel, antisemitic extremism, with local branches and representatives of Palestinian terrorist groups active in the country. The local fringe political groups in Spain, that operated in university circles and provided coverage to that extremist ideology and their agenda, gained prominence in 2014-15 with the formation of Podemos, a […]

ACOM makes possible an event in favour of Israel at the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid

– It is a historic feat: we have broken the antisemitic exclusion that prevented the expression of any favourable opinions towards Israel in that Faculty, which Podemos (Far Left, coalition partner of Pedro Sanchez in Spanish Government) and other extremist groups consider their domain. – The student association “Libertad Sin Ira” (Freedom Without Anger) was […]

About Roger Waters’ concert in Barcelona

We reproduce a letter sent to the Councillor for Culture of the Barcelona city hall regarding the planned concert of Roger Waters in the Palau Sant Jordi: “Dear Mr Martí, The coming 21 March former Pink Floyd member singer Roger Waters will be performing at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, a venue that is […]

Harassment and violence against Israeli Ambassador in Spain

Last Wednesday 8 February, for the events regarding “The Oslo Agreements: a commemoration” the Israeli Ambassador in Spain was invited by the Faculty of Philology of the Universidad Complutense of Madrid to give a conference on the subject in said academic centre. The days prior to the event, the representative of the Palestinian Authority, self-proclaimed […]

ACOM announces legal action against Ada Colau and the Barcelona City Council for their anti-Semitic discrimination

ACOM announces legal action against Ada Colau and the Barcelona City Council for their anti-Semitic discrimination. Colau announces “the rupture of institutional relations with the State of Israel and twin city, Tel Aviv.” Colau has the support and consent of her party as well as the non-constitutionalist parties of the council, including Esquerra Republicana and […]

ACOM’s legal actions against anti-Semitic discrimination in the Faculty of Politics of the Complutense University

The Students assembly has declared the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology of the Complutense University (the biggest attendance-based University in Spain) as a “Space Free of Israeli Apartheid (ELAI)”. It has also joined the BDS campaign (“Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel”). This type of discriminatory resolutions has already received a forceful judicial response […]

STATEMENT: on antisemitic resolution in Barcelona

The Ombudsman of Barcelona, a municipal single-person authority, has issued a resolution full of falsehoods about the State of Israel. The resolution responds to a complaint from a representative of the entities Coalició Prou Complicitat amb Israel (“Enough Complicity with Israel Coalition”, the name says it all) and Siding with the promoters of the […]

The City Hall of Barcelona and the Regional Government of Catalonia against Israel

Recently, a manifesto full of lies and defaming clichés against Israel has been put into circulation. Promoted by the City Hall of Barcelona, the campaign has the support of entities that depend on the government of Catalonia and 108 organisations, including trade unions and political parties. This serious initiative joins a resolution of the Foreign […]

Holocaust trivialisation and slander against the Jewish people in the Spanish Parliament: the conference that Podemos is planning

The Secretary General of the Spanish Communist Party, Enrique Santiago, and the deputy spokesperson of Podemos (extreme left) in the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Spanish parliament, Lucía Muñoz, prepare a demonstration of hatred and disdain against Jews in Parliament. Public link of the event: The event organised by Unidas Podemos (which hypocritically bears […]

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