Amiad Yisrael, the baby victim of a Palestinian terrorist attack, was paid tribute to

The Association Dignidad y Justicia, a Spanish organization that defends the victims of terrorism recognised by the Ministry of Interior of Spain (Secretary of State for the Home Department), awarded posthumously yesterday in its annual gala the Gold Medal to the baby Amiad Yisrael, who died some months ago in a Palestinian jihadist terrorist attack. […]

The courts have annulled the boycott against Israel by the City Council of Valencia

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain, with a population of 800,000 people, receiving more than 2,000,000 tourists every year, and is one of the main sea ports in Europe. This new legal blow against the BDS movement proves that it is a clearly discriminatory and illegal movement. Since 31 May 2018 the Valencians […]

Catalonia Israel

Why should Israel not recognise a Catalan state?

Recognising an independent Catalonia would be a serious strategic and political mistake that would harm the relations between Israel and Spain and the EU. The proliferation of failed mini-states in Europe would diminish stability and predictability for Israel’s international relations. With its radicalisation, Catalanism has turned strongly towards an extreme left that is deeply anti-Semitic […]

Catalonia Israel

מדוע על ישראל להימנע מהכרה במדינה קטלאנית

מדוע על ישראל להימנע מהכרה במדינה קטלאנית הכרה בעצמאותה של קטלוניה תהווה טעות אסטרטגית ופוליטית חמורה אשר תגרום נזק ליחסים בין ישראל ובין ספרד והאיחוד האירופי. התרבותן המהירה של מדינות קטנות וכושלות באירופה עלולה להפחית את מידת היציבות ואת היכולת לנבא את התנהגותם של שחקנים בזירה האירופית, עניין שיפגע ביחסים הבינלאומיים של ישראל. בגלל ההקצנה […]

Communicating vessels in Catalonia: jihadism and pro-independence leftist radicals

The recent revelation to the public opinion that Jaume Asens, Deputy Mayor of the City Council of Barcelona and a high ranking official of Podemos in Catalonia, was in charge of the defence and legal exculpation of a dangerous jihadist imam connected with the terrorist attacks of last week is joined now by the revelation […]

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