Promotion of anti-Semitism and discrimination in Malaga

On 8 June the Association Al-Quds Andalucía organised, with the sponsorship of the City Hall of Málaga and the Provincial Government of Málaga, a digital conference called “Women, Communication, and the Arab World”. It is surprising that both institutions legitimize an event of an organization that expresses its unequivocal support for the discriminatory and anti-Semite BDS campaign, judicially challenged in our country for being discriminatory and persecuted in countries such as Germany, Austria, France, USA, or United Kingdom.

With the pretext of the role of women in the Arab world, public institutions like the City Hall or the Provincial Government, whose purpose is to safeguard the well-being of its citizens, encourage an anti-Israeli ideology, as recognised by the organization itself (1) in charge of the event. And for greater shame, one of the speakers, Mussa’ab Bassir, who presents himself as a “journalist” (he works producing libels (2) for the Iranian television HispanTV, from which also received a salary Pablo Iglesias and other prominent members of Podemos), is a member of the PFLP (3), a terrorist group (named as such by the European Union (4)) that among other attacks was responsible for the massacre in the Munich Olympics, as well as being the main responsible for the famous “black September”.

The other speaker, Isabel Pérez, has not hesitated to publicly declare (5) her fervent desire to make Israel disappear from the face of the Earth.

Both sponsoring institutions, especially the City Hall, can no longer allege lack of knowledge (6) on the anti-Semite background of Al Quds Andalucía, which especially worsens that with the taxpayers’ money they continue to give coverage knowingly to groups with an unconstitutional discriminatory agenda.

It is not the first time we find ourselves in the situation of having to remind of the serious responsibilities the institutions and their governing teams incur in with the repeated promotion of activities that are going to promote illegal initiatives such as promoting anti-Semitism or the discrimination of Israeli citizens because of their national origin. Even more serious is that they put public means at the disposal of individuals with apparent terrorist links that can glorify violence and even incite against many citizens of Málaga who support Israel. Among them, and prominently, the members of the Jewish community in its province. In this moment, their actions could have legal implications that make us consider.

The problem is not only about providing facilities for these activities; for their agenda of hate the association Al Quds receives regular financing from the two main public institutions of Málaga. Only in 2018 (7) almost 120,000 euros for coordinated projects in Palestinian territories with satellite NGOs of terrorist organizations such as HWC (8), PCHR (9) or Canaan Forum (sub-entity create by the PCHR itself (10)).

The lack of sensitivity to the threat of importing ethnic-religious conflicts to their city and province of Málaga and the absence of any reaction by both institutions to the reasonable requirements to cease the official impulse for associations that promote them is frankly disappointing.

We compel both institutions to again fight against racial hatred, against anti-Semitism, against those who do not condemn terrorism clearly and to begin in the simplest way: not financing, sheltering, or legitimizing groups or activities with that ideology.


1-Al-Quds is part of RESCOP, an official group of organizations that promote the boycott Israel.

2-Work of Bassir for Hispan TV.

3-Card in which Bassir acknowledges having participated in the murder attempt of Israelis.

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