STATEMENT: as a result of the coercion and violent intimidation carried out by a group of anti-Semite extremists in a public conference in Madrid

Yesterday, a group of radicals tried to violently interrupt the Arab and Jewish members of the “Islands of Peace” project that were speaking at a conference jointly organized by El Club de los Viernes and ACOM.

The goal of the conference, whose speakers included Muslim Palestinian leaders, Arab women, and Israeli intellectuals, was to present a solution to the Middle East conflict based on coexistence and economic cooperation.

Among the radicals were members of Spain’s parliamentary groups Podemos, Ahora Madrid, and Izquierda Unida.

One conference speaker, Palestinian religious leader Nasr Al-Tamimi, received death threats from one of these radicals. As a result, the Sheik has filed a complaint with the Spanish police. 

As a result of yesterday’s incidents at Madrid’s Intercontinental Hotel, during which a group of radical followers of the anti-Semitic discriminatory campaign BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel) tried to disrupt and prevent the presentation of the “Islands of Peace” conference which was about to begin, ACOM would like to make the following statement:

First of all, we deplore and condemn the incidents that occurred, which are diametrically opposed to the spirit and goals of an event designed precisely to invoke dialogue, harmony, and peace between Palestinians and Israelis. It is completely intolerable that, in a democratic society such as ours which is by definition based on free expression of ideas and opinions, violent and boisterous fanatics try to silence those that dissent from their exclusivism and impose their vetoes and discriminatory boycotts.

We would also like to point out that among the organized, violent commando group that tried to disrupt the event, were members of Madrid’s extreme left, political parties like Podemos, Madrid en Pie-IU or Ahora Madrid, as well as Jaldia Abubakra or Daniel Lobato.

ACOM wants to make clear that when in confrontation with intolerants that time and time again are ruled against and receive reprimands in court due to our legal actions, we will not yield even an inch of our liberty. The fanatic anti-Semites who target Jews and the Jewish state, and who destroy the Palestinians’ own future, will not only feel our response in the courts of justice: but also in the public space.

They will never take the words out of our mouths.

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