STATEMENT: On the Spanish public financing of Palestinian authorities and anti-Israeli groups

Addressed to the President of Spain and Spanish Foreign Minister: on the Spanish public financing of jihadi groups Mr Prime Minister, Mr Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation:

The wave of jihadi murders in Israel seeks to spread terror in an open and diverse society. It shows that the true enemy of the “Palestinian cause” is the integration of Arabs and other minorities and the peace with moderate Arab countries.

It proves that the excuses of the supposed nationalist character of previous Israeli governments or the construction of a handful of houses on disputed hills have nothing to do with the reasons for these acts.

The true objective is the disappearance of the Jewish State. The collaborators in Spain of that “cause” are supporters of terrorism and accomplices of their acts.We have to denounce the shame, the disgust that Spanish citizens feel when our government finances groups that do not condemn the massacre of civilians, that applaud them or even give funding to the groups that commit them.

To insist on the moral devastation of the position of our diplomacy regarding Israel, our government funds unconditionally and without criticism the Palestinian Authority and other institutions despite the fact that the Palestinian Authority uses an important part of those funds to reward terrorists and their families with money for having committed those horrible attacks.

And the bloodier those crimes are and the more victims they cause, the higher the pay given to the terrorists. With the Spanish taxpayers’ money.

In ACOM we denounce this situation with the most energetic terms and we demand with the utmost urgency that the government corrects the unacceptable policy of grants to anti-Israeli associations and Palestinian authorities that can only be described as acts of hostility against the Jews and the Jewish State.

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