The Catalonian Parliament against Israel

Yesterday, the regional Parliament of Catalonia in Spain approved an incredibly aggressive and hostile declaration deligitimizing and criminalising Israel. The initiative of the left wing separatist Catalan parties was approved thanks to the support of the Socialist and Podemos parties, who form the national leftist governing coalition in Spain under Prime Minister Sanchez.

For denouncing and confronting the antisemitic positions of these political groups, for winning court decisions against their attempts to discriminate Jews and Israelis in Spain (many from local governments in the Catalan region) some official institutions favouring appeasement labeled us as “not moderates”and “non-engaging”. Today, some of the moderates and appeaser were condemning the actions of those antisemites they have contributed to whitewash for years.

  • The resolution on Israel approved by the Regional Parliament of Catalonia shows the unmistakable features of antisemitism. Not surprising, coming from groups that have repeatedly manifested their sympathy for terrorist organizations.
  • The position of independentism is clear (ERC, CUP) and their allies (PSC-PODEMOS). If there ever was a Catalanism close to Israel, it is clear that it has no role today. Their repeated and sustained vote in favour of histrionic points against Israel, also in this resolution, confirms the rule.
  • The approved text carries implicit the seal of Amnesty International and reproduces with sad fidelity old antisemitic clichés. It is a disgrace to accuse a nation with a plural, diverse society of “Apartheid”, a society under the rule of law that is the only democracy in the Middle East.
  • The antisemitic obsession of Catalonian secessionism is not new. Its representatives have been promoting in Europe the harassment against Israel and against the Jews by using the latest instrument of Jew hatred: the BDS movement. It has been in Catalonia and in the area that suffers from the Pan-Catalanism, like the Valencian Autonomous Region, where the boycott against Jews, disguised as “solidarity with Palestine”, has found more institutional support. Its antisemitic resolutions do deserve the label of Apartheid. Fortunately, all that has been approved in that direction has been condemned, without exception, by the courts of justice. On the other hand, it is not new for separatism to try to avoid the legal framework that allows us to live together.
  • Although it is evident, it is worth remembering that the Regional Parliament has no competencies in this matter. But, again, what to expect from a regional parliament that abolished the Spanish Constitution in its territory, that approves rules aimed directly at disobeying firm court rulings, that promotes persecution based on your language, work, or social background? Also along those lines we should include their delirious intention of illegalising the existence of Israel. For many years we have known it, but the time has come to say it clearly to anyone who has any doubt: you cannot be secessionist and pro-Israel. This would be another mere example of the antisemitic bias if it were not a resolution of a Parliament; if it didn’t come from the same groups that sustain the Spanish Government or are part of it. It is a true danger that the benefactors of terrorism have the reigns of our foreign policy.
  • How do we combine this with the recognition of Israel by the EU as a key strategic ally in view of our energy independence and safety? How do we combine this position with the promotion of the boycott against Israel, with the financing of terrorist groups, with the permanent harassment?
  • The parties that have fully supported the resolution are the parties that make up the parliamentary majority that sustains the Spanish government of Sánchez. Thus, President Sánchez must invalidate the resolution; remove himself from the disgusting culture of hatred that promotes it. However, to carry out such a moral imperative, not only must he distance himself from this government’s partners, but also from his own party.

In the meantime, the courts of our Constitutional democracy declared ilegal, again, boycotts and attempts to discriminate Israelis and Jews in Catalonia, and in the whole of Spain, using the excuse of Antizionism. This is the latest example: >>> Legal blow to the discriminatory boycott against Israel in Catalonia <<<.

This is the schizophrenic reality we live in Spain. That is why the enemies of freedom are targeting the independence of the judiciary as the last defense of the rule of law and constitutional order in our country

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