The Mayor of Cadiz, a Spanish provincial capital, being trialed for hatred incitement against the Israelis

The mayor of Cadiz, a Spanish provincial capital, to be trialed for hatred encitement crime
The complaint filed by ACOM against the City Council of Cadiz accuses “Kichi” for the alleged crime of hatred incitement, as defined in Article 510 of the Spanish Penal Code.
The Andalusian Pro-Human Rights Association (APDHA), which coordinates the BDS-ELAI hate campaign in the province, is under investigation as well.

José María González, alias “Kichi”, a leading figure of the far left antisemitic party Podemos, has appeared on Wednesday, September 18, in the court of first instance no. 1 of Cadiz, after a complaint was filed by ACOM against the members of the city council of Cadiz that he presides for joining the discriminatory network of “free municipality of Israeli apartheid” – BDS (Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions) against the Jewish State.

The mayor of Cadiz is being charged for taking an active part in a xenophobic, discriminatory and unconstitutional boycott of which he publicly boasted.

On August 12, 2016 the City Council of Cadiz approved the participation of the municipality in the discriminatory network “municipality free of Israeli apartheid” against the Jewish state. The clear evidence of the implementation of said anti-Semitic resolution took place in September 2017, when the city council unilaterally canceled the event of Israeli Cinema Festival, scheduled for the 28th and 29th of said month. This resulted in ACOM filing an appeal against this act, along with a complaint for possible hate crime.

After in a civil case the court overruled the city council’s decision to suspend the Israeli Film Festival and the decision of joining the BDS-ELAI initiative, it reopened the criminal case against the accused.

The criminal lawsuit against the instigators, and especially against the mayor of Cadiz of the Podemos political party José María González, alias “Kichi”, is for allegedly committing crimes of incitement of hatred as defined in Article 510 of the Spanish Penal Code.
According to Angel Mas, president of ACOM, “the anti-Semites pretending to be progressive, inciting hatred, those who are used to impunity for their violent acts while disguised under false humanitarianism, those who use everyone’s funds to create a safe haven for sympathizers of terrorists, all those who believed themselves to be above the law, the Constitution, the courts and the rest of the Spaniards – the party is over for them. Shame on them and pity for cities that have to do suffer such governance as a consequence the irresponsibility of some voters. This is something to think about”.

After anti Israel groups demonstrated in front of the Court to throw support for the defendants, Mas commented: “in Spain there have been organisations and individuals that expected impunity for abusing, excluding and criminalising the Jewish minority in our country and they still believe that they could coerce and intimidate the courts of justice in our democracy. Those antisemitas remind us of others in the 20th century that abused the public office they held to perpetrate horrible crimes against the Jews. Those crimes started with apparently innocuous targeting, demonización and exclusion of the Jews. We will not allow that to happen in Spain today.

ACOM, a reference organization within the Spanish civil society that fights against anti-Semitic discrimination and harassment against the only Jewish state, is committed to fight these kind of illegal behaviour, that are against the outlines of coexistence as established by the Spanish Constitution. Thanks to the ACOM legal initiative, 49 BDS-ELAI resolutions have been annulled judicially or by the local and / or public administrations.

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