The “Partido popular” urges the spanish parliament to defund organizations that promote anti-semitism, including bds

The Madrid parliamentary group of Partido Popular (PP, center-right), in control of the Madrid regional government in coalition with centrist Ciudadanos party, has presented a proposal to urge the Spanish Parliament to force the public defunding of organizations that promote anti-Semitic hatred, as defined by IHRA.

The initiative, promoted by Madrid regional President Isabel Díaz Ayuso and her Government, will be voted in the next few weeks in the regional parliament of Madrid and it is expected to be passed with the support of PP, Ciudadanos and the conservative Vox party

This motion demands coherence from the Spanish government that, whilst has informally announced its adherence to the IHRA definition of antisemitism, generously funds antisemitic groups and its activities. Particularly those, like the ones associated with the BDS campaign, that demonize, criminalize and dehumanize the Jews under the excuse of “anti Zionism”.

From ACOM we want to thank PP, Ciudadanos and VOX parties for their support and commitment to fight anti-Semitic discrimination and the public sponsorship that fuels it in Spain. We invite the Socialist party (PSOE, in opposition in Madrid and in control of the Spanish national government) to join this initiative on moral grounds.

For years, ACOM has been denouncing the normalisation of antisemitism in Spain, with over 100 of motions in regional and municipal governments that looked to exclude Israeli companies and citizens (and also any other citizen publicly supporting the state of Israel) from social, civic and economic activities in those territories. ACOM has inspired and won over 80 court rulings that declared these motions as discriminatory and unconstitutional.

Unfortunately, the political forces that supported this antisemitic initiatives (Iran-funded Podemos and Catalan and Basque separatist parties) are today part of the coalition that form the majority that supports the PSOE-led government of PM Pedro Sanchez.