The Provincial Government of Valencia condemned in the Courts for discrimination

– The Provincial Government of Valencia receives another judicial blow against its obsession with promoting hatred and discrimination against Jews.

–  The institution had already been forced to annul its initial proposal, presented on 29 December 2016, as it was challenged in court. The promoters of the initiative, PSOE-PSV, Compromís and Podemos, designed then a manoeuvre to disguise a new discriminatory text against Israel.

– ACOM presented a new judicial initiative to denounce the fraudulent attempt by this public administration to mask the discrimination because of nationality or race, and now the Contentious Administrative Court number 3 of Valencia has ruled in our favour.


On 14 June, 2018 the spokespersons of Compromís (pro Catalonia separatists), Izquierda Unida-Podemos (Chavist party) and PSOE (Socialist Party) presented an addendum to the agreement approved in the plenary session of 22 May 2018 on the defence of the human rights of the Palestinians. The new political manoeuvre proposed to leave without effect the agreement of 2016 that was challenged in the courts and, at the same time, agree again the adherence to the boycott campaign against Israel and its citizens called «Space Free of Israeli Apartheid (ELAI)» of the BDS movement. Specifically they introduced a new text on the defence of the human rights of the Palestinian people that established that «the province of Valencia is declared space free of war crimes, including the crime of Apartheid, and in this framework will support the campaigns of «Space Free of Israeli Apartheid»».

Finally, the Plenary Session of the Provincial Government celebrated on 19 June 2018, after revoking the agreement of 29 December 2016, declared again the Province of Valencia «space free of Apartheid», establishing that “in this framework it will support the campaigns in defence of the Palestinian people”. Obviously, it was a crude manoeuvre to mask the real intention of the proposal, which is the official declaration of the Provincial Government as “space free of Israeli Apartheid”, as the State of Israel is the only one accused of such “Apartheid” in all the agreements of the Provincial Government.

Despite this camouflage, the Court number 3 of Valencia, on 13 March and sentence 101/2020, has rejected this illegal manouvre, declaring that it is an incitement to hatred and discrimination, in violation of the Spanish Constitution. Not only that: it has also pointed out the usurpation of competency by the Provincial Government by adopting that type of agreements.

The Spanish courts of justice have already ruled on the illegality and unconstitutional nature of the BDS campaign. ACOM, the main denouncer of the discourse of hatred and/or discrimination because of ethnicity or nationality promoted by this movement, has achieved the annulment of 62 agreements by judicial rulings or by the institutions themselves to date. All of them have insisted that they are excluding measures that violate the common framework of coexistence, turning the institutions into areas closed to Jews, the Jewish national state where more than half the Jews in the world live, and the Spaniards who sympathise with Israel and are not willing to be forced to denounce or renounce the Jewish state publicly, which be extension involves the members of the Jewish communities in Spain.