Fighting Antisemitic libels and the outrageous support for al-Assad & Hezbollah

ACOM, -the reference pro Israel Public diplomacy organization in Spain– we condemn the anti-Semitic libels published by Unidos Podemos and widely disseminated on their networks. We also condemn IU-Podemos elected officials displays of support and friendship with terrorists and genocidal maniacs such as Hezbollah and Bashar Assad.
Unidos Podemos spreads a message of hatred against the Jewish minority in Spain with a harmful judeophobic iconography comparable to a Nazi propaganda pamphlet.

Podemos antisemita

The image disseminated by the Madrid branch of Spain’s United Left – Podemos party

al assad podemos

Meetings with Mohamad Raad and Al Assad

In any civilized country, the Public Prosecutor’s office would take proactive action and those responsible would have been immediately detained and in police custody.
We urge the Spanish authorities to end their inaction and assume their responsibilities. Private citizens should not be left to do what is the Government’s task. We call on the authorities to take action to end impunity for these racist actions.
Of particular concern is the fact that the third most voted political force in Spain, Unidos Podemos, has crossed all the red lines. Not only do they support the unconstitutional discrimination against sympathizers of the Jewish State in many city councils with BDS motions but they also blatantly incite anti-Semitic hatred.
It is becoming ever clearer that the presence of this extremist political force in our institutions presents a serious threat to peaceful co-existence, the well-being of the Spanish Jewish communities and the civil rights of all those who sympathize with the Israel in our country.

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