Glorifiying terrorism against Israel in Madrid Town Hall

On June 16, at the Political Groups assembly hall of Madrid Council, a place intended for all the people from Madrid, will take place the aberrant presentation of a book that defends and glorifies terrorism.
The event has the support of Ahora Madrid, the representation of Podemos (extreme left party) at Madrid town hall,that currently governs the city.
How is it possible to invite and to glorify at Madrid town hall, groups that target the Jewish citizens of Madrid and their institutions?
At the presentation will speak one of the authors of the book, Jorge Ramos, a defendant for stalking and coercing the Jewish American artist Matisyahu, at the Festival Rototom de Benicassim in 2015. The foreword of his book is by Ignacio Álvarez Ossorio, who has participated in campaigns of boycott to Israel, considered illegal by Spanish and the European Union law for promoting hatred and anti-Semitic discrimination.
Another of the participants is Majeb Dibsi, who self proclaims himself as the envoy of the FPLP in Spain. The FPLP is catalogued as a terrorist organization by the European Union and the United States. The FPLP is responsible for the bombing of flight 330 of Swissair that caused 47 victims, the kidnapping of Entebbe or the massacre at the Olympic Village in Munich, in addition of being the main responsible of the Black September that took the life of thousands of people, many of them Palestinian. In addition to all that, the FPLP denies the right of being of the State of Israel, and by doing so, the resolutions of the UN and international law.
The moderator at the presentation will be Teresa Aranguren, Counselor at RTVE – Spanish broadcasting corporation by direct designation of Izquierda Unida (Communist party). She is known for her filo-jihadist discourse and her contempt to the victims of terrorism.
The institutional representation will fall on Rommy Arce, Madrid Councilor and a member of Podemos. Arce is known for her disparagement of the spanish security forces and the banalization of ETA´s terrorism.
This disgusting presentation follows a previous one that took place less than two months ago at the Reitro District Council, when Deputy Mayor Mauricio Valiente hosted Musha´ ab Bashir, a Palestinian terrorist of the FPLP. After the controversy and stupor that this created among the public opinion, the Popular Party (liberal conservative) proposed in the session of last may 9 of the disctrict council, to condemn the celebration of this act, and urged to prohibit the use of public spaces to persons charged for hate crimes and terrorism.
The discourse of hatred at the consistory of Madrid against the Jewish State, and the hostility towards the Community that supports it directed by Podemos, grows on a daily basis. Not only it is shameful to allow public space for that, or is the support of the institutional representation of the group of Pablo Iglesias; but more worrisome, is the web of its subventions to organizations which support the annihilation of Israel.
While considering other legal actions, we, at ACOM, demand that the Government delegation in Madrid avoids the celebration of an act of enhancement of terror with the participation of members of criminal organizations.
At the same time, ACOM asks for the mobilization of all the other groups of the Council, PP, PSOE (socialist party) and Ciudadanos (liberal party), to prevent this filo terrorist masquerade to take place and the usual acts designed to harass the citizens that disagree with the criminalization of Israel, as well as the cornering, in institutions that belong to all the citizens of Madrid, of its Jewish community.